When the enemy pops his super just to kill u...

verified LV.26 Nightmare 20d


I need the 25Pk with HC for ace of spades and I'm only on 7 I NEED HELP GETTING BETTER.

LV.9 Deadeye 20d

The Festival Of The Lost is back. Honoring the fallen👻🎃

Screenshots taken by: me

LV.20 Assassin 20d

Just got myself an exotic

LV.14 Outlaw 20d


LV.22 Assassin 20d


So I have been looking, and wanting, Destiny 2 for a while. My brother got the game for me, just not downloaded, but when I looked on steam, it was free? Obviously I downloaded it (three freaking days to download!) and it’s worth it, but the free part, is it a bug? A glitch? Or just a sale?

LV.19 Boo! 20d

Weekly Reset + Festival of the Lost! (10/29/19)

LV.25 Insomniac 20d

The Black Garden🌹

Screenshots taken by: me

LV.20 Assassin 21d

Free dlc?

Can someone tell me how you get forsaken dlc for free? One of my friends said that its free but im looking in the PlayStation store and i dont see it

LV.13 Happy Halloween! 21d

Shattered Throne/Dûl Incaru checkpoint.

I'm on the step for izanagi's burden to beat shattered throne.Is anyone at the final boss Dûl Incaru and could I join in on you?I'm on PS4 and this wouldn't be for maybe another 2 1/2 to 3 hours from now.

LV.3 Lurker 21d

Leviathan raid

We need one person to help us with pools

LV.3 Lurker 21d

When you forget to equip your barrier rounds and do a hero mission...

verified LV.26 Nightmare 21d

When a bunch of Hive come at you but you have Sunshot...

verified LV.26 Nightmare 21d

Festival of the Lost

Who else excited for Festival of the Lost?

LV.8 Hunter 21d

New dungeon

1 more day until the dungeon releases...

LV.16 Shadow 21d

Who is ready for FESTIVAL OF THE LOST?!

I'm so excited!!

LV.21 Outlaw 21d

POPULAR I should've seen this coming.

LV.21 Team Player 22d

POPULAR Just some Destiny memes 😅

LV.21 Outlaw 22d

When you hear a Warlock pop Nova Warp around the corner...

verified LV.26 Nightmare 22d

Here you go Thicc Lovers!

LV.22 Assassin 22d

Gotta love when they all POOL up

LV.18 Haunted 22d

When someone takes the heavy ammo right next to you...

verified LV.26 Nightmare 22d


Just wanted to know what you guys think the best exotics are atm

LV.8 Hunter 22d

POPULAR Fashion Week: Huntress

My attempts for “fashion week”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

verified LV.32 Mod 22d

Rat king catalyst progress must have rat king

#ratking #catalyst

LV.2 Lurker 22d

Enjoying the view

Screenshot taken by: me

LV.20 Assassin 23d

Feels lonely here...

Recent Media is all mine and hot posts have little views... rip. #feelsbad (coming from r6 lounge of course).

verified LV.26 Nightmare 23d

Best Titan Subclass?

verified LV.26 Nightmare 23d

Best Hunter Subclass?

verified LV.26 Nightmare 23d

Best Warlock Subclass?

verified LV.26 Nightmare 23d