Tips on how to get easy legendary shards?

Comment pls.

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Me getting the same exotic for the 5th time in a row

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Xur Inventory (11/01/19)

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XUR LOCATION & INVENTORY - 1st November 2019 - Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

If anyone wants to know where xur is today here is a video guide to help you

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Looking to build a crucible friendship.

Decent player with many hours in the pvp universe.
I just wanna slay guardians and get exotic medals.

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Another concept...

Type: Armor, Hunter, Chestplate

Name: Glidesuit


Exotic Perk: running while in the air will enable a flight mode, making you soar and slowly fall, unless you jump again. You gain another set of shields, but can't shoot. You can ram into enemies.

Resilience 7

Mobility 17

Recovery 6

Discipline 6

Intellect 6

Strength 8

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POPULAR We miss you

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POPULAR Happens to us all...

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Vanguard or crucible

Looking for people to game with, if someone wants message me and we can game

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I tried making a subclass concept.

(Concept is below, a bit long) I think you could get this from say a very hard quest of some sort more suited for love. Sorry. Here was my concept. Hope you like it (inspiration: the Darkness)!

Type: Subclass, Warlock

Name: Darkbender

Super: Reincarnation; spawns to clones of yourself made of pure darkness, that help you in combat. Lasts for 20 seconds, they are invincible but do a half of the damage you do.


Healing Rift

Empowering Rift


Directional Glide

Aerial Glide

Balanced Glide


Dark Hole: makes a hole of Darkness wherever the grenade lands, sucking anyone in its radius

Poison Cloud: releases a poisonous toxic cloud, damaging enemies in it.

Seeker: once thrown, the grenade will split into orbs of darkness, tracking and exploding foes.

Branch 1: Path of Ressurection

Another Friend: add another clone when you use your super ability

Souless: When you melee an enemy (has to be a minion) with this ability, you take their will and soul to reincarnated them into a dark, twisted version of themselves. They protect you and harm enemies, but only have half their health.

Hopper: pressing (whatever 2 buttons make your rift) while airborne, you make a portal under you, traveling into a pocket dimension for 10 seconds. You can see the enemies, and once you want to get out of the dimension press the same 2 buttons again. This will use up your rift energy.

Kamikaze: Yoir clones from your super will explode when the super has ended, with no friendly damage.

Branch 2: Path of Destruction

Ressurection: With this super, you can resurrect any of your teammates, including yourself, and give yourself a temporary damage and shield boost for 10 seconds. You can ressurect multiple teammates.

Soul Rounds: with this melee ability, you can transfer the energy of the soul you took into one magazine, giving it 20% more damage and an exploding affect on dying enemies.

Team player: your rift lasts twice as long.

Explosive power: your grenades last twice as long.

Branch 3: Path of Protection

Fortified: While your super is active, you have 50% damage reduction and twice your shields.

Soul shield: killing an enemy with this melee ability, you get a soul shield. This has 50% of your normal shield's health.

Back From the Grave: if you die, you have the option to come back to life from the darkness. You will have no shields and half health, but have 35% damage reduction. You will regenerate after 15 seconds. Only once per life. Only works in no respawning zones.

Hand to Hand Combat: you get 2 charges of your melee ability.

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This Week At Bungie • October 31st 2019

“This week at Bungie, we’re hosting a celebration.

Festival of the Lost has been unleashed on the Tower. Cobwebs are everywhere, black cats are on the prowl, and every vendor has some candy for you to enjoy. Eva Levante went all-out this year on decorations and brought some new masks for you to earn. While candies and treats are readily available, you also have the BrayTech Werewolf to earn, packing the multikill clip punch.

The Tower isn’t the only place that’s a bit spookier. There’s been an uprising on the Moon, and Eris is calling on you to challenge the Hive in the Altars of Sorrow and the Pit of Heresy.

Pit of Heresy Trailer:

Xenophage made its grand entrance, bug and all. We’ve seen Guardians cracking the puzzle and claiming their Exotic in real time, but it isn’t the only new weapon for you to add to your arsenal. We’ve got some Hive-infused weapons that not only look mean, but back it up with some serious firepower.

If you’re wanting to take on opposing Guardians with a bit more lethality, Momentum Control has arrived. Fast respawns, quicker kills, and ability regeneration tied to the defeat of your opponents. Get out there and make Shaxx proud.

So, now that we’ve covered everything that went live on Tuesday, let’s see what else is on the calendar: A charity, a costume contest, a hotfix, a bounty, and more are inbound.”

Fully haunted #TWAB here:

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Pit of Heresy • Trailer

“Deep Below the Scarlet Keep the Hive are harvesting Nightmare essence in an attempt to empower themselves with the power of the darkness. We fear they may have been successful and a new beast has been born. Journey within and eliminate this new threat.”

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So glad i have d2 again after switching consoles. Same character, no exoctics tho sad but all well. Time to play and wait to buy shadowkeep

LV.15 Big Chungus 13d

Nightmare Hunts Time Trial Guide!

LV.25 Insomniac 13d

Looking for long term fireteam to play any mode with #Destiny 2 #mixer

LV.2 Let’s Party! 13d

Kobe! 😂😂😂

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Branch 9 Haunted Forest

Me and some friends are trying to reach branch 9 for the weekly challenge, but we always end up at branch 7. Do any of you have any tips? We are 2 hunters and 1 warlock.

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Destiny Concept

(The concept is below) As you might know I do operator concepts on the R6S lounge. I decided I could do the same here, but with exotic weapons, armour, and subclasses. I wanted to try it out so this is my first concept. Hope you like it!

Type: Weapon, Energy, Shotgun

Name: 2 for 1

Rarity: Exotic 

Impact: 9/10

Range: 9/10

Stability: 5/10

Handling: 6/10

Reload Speed: 7/10

RPM: 24

Mag: 3


Exotic Perk: Gunswitch; Using hipfire with this weapon uses the shotgun mode, using one shell at a time, dealing high damage and spread. Aiming with this shotgun for 3 seconds uses Sniper mode. This pops up a 3x scope, and charges the 3 bullets to one concentrated shot.


1)Bigger rounds with strong penetrative ability.



2)Thin, strong shells that can ricochet of hard surfaces.




1)Angled, trickier grip used for high flicks and easy aiming.



2)Vertical, steady grip used to stabilise hard shots.




1)Short, sturdy barrel used for close combat expertise.



2)Long, ranged barrel used to take out enemies from a distance.




Upgrade Handling by 2 and Reload Speed by 1.

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When you shadowbomb...

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Titans be like...

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Love dat boomstick

Love it

LV.13 Sweaty 13d

Please join plz I need friends

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Looking for clan to grind with in Destiny

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I got bored

So I drew a very stormy boi

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How To Start Xenophage Exotic Quest

Just incase anyone doesn't know where to start the Xenophage exotic quest. Here is a video guide to help you

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Nightastalker mains be like...

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When a damn chigiri paper mask beats a fully welded and played piece of armour...

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Add a sidearm to sparrow?

This would be a sidearm (choice between pistol or hand cannon) that you can choose from customizing your sparrow, that comes equipped with each sparrow, that does about the same things as a normal weapon of its caliber, but no perks. This would decrease sparrow control and reloading makes it unable to boost. Toggleable. Thonks?

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Pretty much what has happened to me at least.

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HEY, SO I NEED SOME PEOPLE WHO GRIND DESTINY WHO JUST LIKE TO HAVE A FUN TIME BUT ARE serious when needed to be and who likes to communicate as well as be active and play with eachother more then just the one time we do. So if there’s anyone out there looking for something like that or someone add me 🙏

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