RingWraith231 LV.11 Chief
Feb 7, 2021, 12:55 AM 301 read



We are a clan founded by Destiny veterans for Guardians of all levels to find a place to belong both ps4 and xbox. If you're looking for some gamers to explore Beyond Light and master the Dark powers of Stasis, we're the place for you! Important Rules to Know Before Joining ¤ Must be 15 years of age or older ¤ If you wish to join the clan you MUST join our Discord server There are a few more rules you'll have to agree to when you join our server but it basically amounts to don't be an ass. We're looking to build a laid back, chilled out group of gamers that you can one day call true friends and where any gamer, regardless of who they are, can feel welcome.  What we offer ¤ A new budding community you can help build into something great ¤ Sherpas for Raids and Dungeons ¤ LFG channels ¤ Seasonal fashion show ¤ Uniques roles based on your Destiny 2 achievements Discord Server here https://discord.gg/KJVJwchyQd

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