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Jun 27, 2020, 05:11 AM 126 read

Reapers Of Eternity

Destiny: Promotions - Reapers Of Eternity  image 1

[Ps4] [Pc] Hey guys! How yall doing today? Want to join Reapers Of Eternity? We are a Destiny 1 and 2 clan/community. We are family oriented and open minded group. We love helping out and having a good time with our members. Reapers Of Eternity time zones revolves around EST, PST, CST, and MST. There only two requirements to join and they are: 1. Be respectful (If anyone says anything to offend you, let he or she know. He or she will apologize and fix the situation). 2. Be 16 or older. Pretty simple huh. We also have a discord so we can communicate with the rest of the family. If you like what you have read or need more info, send me a dm. My gamertag is ElitistDeathGod. We hope to see you soon!

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