ariel rodriguez LV.1 Mootie
May 11, 2020, 04:37 PM 170 read

Clan Recruitment PS4


My name is Ariel, I'm the leader of a new clan, I got sick of being apart of a bigger clan and no one ever got on to play, and that's what I don't want, I don't raid but I'd like people to communicate with who had knowledge of it, I want someone who is decent enough at trials ( We all can dream right ) don't you hate playing with a Destiny douche and they look down on you because you don't have the right "credentials" or the emblem of whatever to prove you're worthy My clan ain't that, there's an age limit 27 - 30, Good vibes only, positivity, preferably a male, My clan likes to do Alot of PvP, Gambit prime, reckoning, crucible, survival, strikes, nightfall, We just need more RELIABLE people, People who can most likely get on once a day, or for the whole day, we are in quarantine, so you have nothing to do, no excuse, not to play Destiny, with you're new clan mates, contact me if you think you fit this, I need to get to know you first before I let you into the clan

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