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Mar 27, 2020, 02:07 PM 233 read

This Week at Bungie • March 26th 2020

Destiny: Promotions - This Week at Bungie • March 26th 2020 image 1

“This week at Bungie, a new bunker was discovered. Doors, once hidden, open on the lunar surface revealing another Seraph Bunker in Rasputin’s network. Guardians have begun exploring it to see what upgrades lie within. And if you’re up for the challenge, there are also new Legendary Lost Sectors available and new weapons to get your hands on. That’s not all. Lord Saladin is at the Tower and has a new Bow for you to earn along with several opportunities for pinnacle drops. On top of all that, week three of Trials of Osiris begins tomorrow. What map do you think will be featured this week?” Full #TWAB blog here, Guardians: bung.ie/2vSpM3l

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