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Dec 4, 2019, 12:36 AM 11 read

Thrill of the Thousands is accepting new members!

Attention all guardians!! The Thrill of the Thousands is accepting new members to our illustrious confines!! We are a small group of players with a passion for slaying the enemies of humanity as well as having some good laughs! We do everything you can think of. Gambit, Crucible, Raids, Nightfalls, all in a casual or competitive play style. Whatever you do we got you! Currently we have plenty of titans and lacking in the warlock/hunter crew but all are welcome!! Comment and @ me to receive more details if you’re interested!! Fair ⚠️warning ⚠️ to all, notifications do not work for me so I check this post hourly if I do not respond immediately please wait for the hour change I am active for about 5-10 minutes each hour

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