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Come watch me mixer : xMiracleLadyx #Mixer

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New Discord Server for all types of D2 players!

We are here to have fun yet we also value maturity above all else. We are raiders and crucible players who all want calm collected players to join us in our play time. We also take in new players and help them get a leg up. As long as you can be mature and are able to have fun without being too serious we welcome you to our community with open arms!

If there is an issue with the link just message me and I'll help you out.

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Destiny is my Fav🔥

Watch Rush_gaming321 with me on Twitch!

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New YouTube video

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Cross save come faster!

Watch Rush_gaming321 with me on Twitch!

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Come check out my stream

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Destiny 2 grind!

I'm live on twitch come and hangout!

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New YouTube video

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tell him velo sent u

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New YouTube video

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NEW YouTube video posted a while ago but forgot to put it up on here

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Lets get it crackin on D1

Im live, throwing it back to good old destiny older games are always better so lets get it crackin in chat and smackin in crucible💯😆

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Twitch affiliate!

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Live now

Now live with @DestinyTheGame getting my solstice gear grind on

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Trying to get to 50 followers I’m so close please help !

hosting my friend play destiny 2 !

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Mixer streamer here.

Hey all drop a follow on mixer if you want

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New Guardian Society [NA/EU][PC/PS4] Fortnite clan recruiting | 4800+ members | Discord | 7 Sponsors

Join NGS Honored Warriors Division Today! With 7+ sponsors, like Rogue Energy, Airdrop Crates, Aporia Customs, G2A, SCUF Gaming, and A-corn E-sports, with over 4800+ Active members, a solid ranking and division structure, and easy to learn handbook.
Everyone is allowed to join, no tryouts, and Competitive Teams avalaible, why haven’t you joined already?!!

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Throw back to destiny come by my stream if you miss or wana see some d1 content Mayhem is going down

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Banished gaming Legends

Banished Gaming Legends is a community clan we play a variety of games a few being destiny, rainbow six siege and black ops 4. We are an xbox only clan and have a few requirements you must be 14 or older have a mic and atleast have 1000 gamerscore. If you are interested message me on xbox my gamertag is BGL Phoenix

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Im going love on destiny 1 in 2019 stop by and check it out much love to all

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Trying get to 200 follows and 5 subs w/ avg 5veiws

Come by my stream lets see if i still got it after months of not playing

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We gonna be on livestream till that new expansion pass comes by we gonna have fun with my friends

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FREE Recluse recovery

Hey guys I’m doing recluse recovery games (basically 0-2100 in comp) with a friend but it’s a recov so I need ur account info. We will be streaming it and it’s obviously free no charge at all the choice is urs if u wanna trust me with ur account or not but I assure you that we will get you the recluse your free to watch our games as well live and if I’m on ur account then u might get the revoker sniper as well the choice is urs but do hmu soon

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Who needs a team

Here is the discord chat to join and I'll do a interview with everyone. Putting you in a place for the team. I need people who are ready to be a family and ready to grow as a team. Looking for
>design & editors
>pro players for all platforms and games

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Streaming again destiny 2 forsaken

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Me killing myself

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Streaming destiny 2

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