Recruiting Guardians For [CE]

[EU/PC] Casual Epicness [CE]
We're a mature clan looking for 18+ guardians to join our family! If you looking for a clan that does weekly or daily raids and has helpful people to help Whit your stuff this is the clan for you. Add me on discord Phoenix#4643

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Please share this EVERYWHERE this is how you enter to win a free Nintendo switch lite Gl everyone.

Please share this EVERYWHERE this is how you enter to win a free Nintendo switch lite Gl everyone.
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Experienced Destiny 2 clan looking for members

Experienced clan looking for members. 5400+ members, 7 sponsors, gamenights, and events. Xbox, PS4, and PC. Message me on Discord if you're interested at XGN Xeno XS (MSG)#9166

Experienced Destiny 2 clan looking for members
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New Guardian Society is recruiting!

We’re looking for gamers who need a clan! NGS was once a 550+ member community who played more then just destiny!

Will you join? Where will you take us next?

Only you can tell guardian!

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New video

I Can't Believe How Much I Love Sniping Call of Duty Modern Warfare video live check it out has info for new schedule like comment subscribe enjoy

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Join juice box gaming

We are looking to start a destiny tournament 2s, 3s, 4s, all the way up to 6s tournaments all styles and all players on ps4 welcome! All you need is discord and a ps4 and join up be the first players and teams to help us start up a great opportunity to bring people together and be competitive!

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Join TXO!

I'm recruiting PC and Xbox players to join TheXiledOnes (TXO) We are a 16+ gaming community with just over 1000 members. No special requirements, only thing you need is discord, a mic, and steam if your on PC. Feel free to message me in discord for more info if you're interested.

TXO DaBeast VII (FNDR)#4569

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Thrill of the Thousands is accepting new members!

Attention all guardians!! The Thrill of the Thousands is accepting new members to our illustrious confines!! We are a small group of players with a passion for slaying the enemies of humanity as well as having some good laughs! We do everything you can think of. Gambit, Crucible, Raids, Nightfalls, all in a casual or competitive play style. Whatever you do we got you! Currently we have plenty of titans and lacking in the warlock/hunter crew but all are welcome!! Comment and @ me to receive more details if you’re interested!!
Fair ⚠️warning ⚠️ to all, notifications do not work for me so I check this post hourly if I do not respond immediately please wait for the hour change I am active for about 5-10 minutes each hour

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Whisper of the Worm free runs

Whisper of the Worm free runs
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Destiny 2 account carries and recovs

I’m very trusted. I stream all my recovs on mixer. (xbox only) 10$ for fabled if it’s a recov. 20$ for fabled if it’s a carry. 30$ for a legend recov. 50$ for a legend carry. pm me if intrested.

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Destiny two recovs/carries (cheap and fast)

I’m very trusted. I stream all my recovs on mixer. (xbox only) 10$ for fabled if it’s a recov. 20$ for fabled if it’s a carry. 30$ for a legend recov. 50$ for a legend carry. pm me if intrested.

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Can you please follow my twitch it is shallowttv

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Hey! Looking for a clan??

Looking for a clan on Destin 2 for PC? Come join the Frisky Fatebringers! XD Right now, it's just me. Butttt I really wanna make it a large friendly and psychotic community of great Destiny players and friends :) I Love this game so much and need more friends who feel the same way! Please message me on Twitter @callmecomfy_ or on Steam CallMeComfy_ so we can get you in and frisky!

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Giveaway read below

Doing giveaway at 100 followers please stop by would mean everything please watch and do enjoy

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Just letting you guys know!

What’s up guys and gals! I’m a variety gamer/streamer on Twitch. Destiny 2 is one of the games that I stream, and I’m always looking for people to play with me on stream! Drop a follow on my channel to know when I’m live playing Destiny 2 and we can play some missions together! My schedule/YouTube channel/ socials are also on my channel panels! Watch me live here

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Our clan, the Olive Garden Birds is just a fun clan where we play to have fun. We take some things seriously but mostly just for fun. Looking forward to seeing people join us!

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PS4 Clan
Hey I'm still looking for some members. Just use the link to join if you're interested.

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v8 recluting

we are v8 Gamíng now black revolver we used to be a very strong pvp clan 1.50 kd i need admids since i just reopen the clan let’s get together and kick some ass in competitive you need be able to change gt to v8+gt if you can’t afford it we may be able to help base on stats must be active at least 3 days a week

v8 recluting
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play all night with me ?

play all night with me ?

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Last iron banner of the season stream!

Watch "Destiny 2 last Iron banner of the season stream" on YouTube

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Come say hi

Watch caandyman0909 with me on Twitch!

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The Undying mind boss!

Watch "Destiny 2 Undying Mind Boss" on YouTube

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Getting Exit Strategy!

Just a small D2 community! Subscribe and join our family!
Watch "Destiny 2 gambit and Getting Exit Strategy" on YouTube

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How could I describe TXO in so few words? Family. By that I mean we want to make people feel like we're their home away from home. Or their 2nd Family if you will. If you're interested in making some friends and meeting other like minded people then TXO is most likely the place for you. We treat everyone with respect and will happily welcome you into our ranks with open arms. Become part of the family and movement today by simply send me a message

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3s tournament

Hosting a 3s tournament after thanksgiving if interested pls dm or lmk

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Looking for 6 people that have a good power and to play a raid

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Sun's of Leviathan are recruiting!!

Are you looking for people to play destiny 2 with? Are you laid back aswell as determined?
If any of these descriptors fit you, you'll fit right in at Sun's of Levatian.
We are an up and coming clan but as soon as we get enough members there are plans for things such as...
•Weekly Raids
•Game Nights
•Stream Nights
•Guide Days

We are always open to criticism especially from people interested in joining because this isn't just a clan this is a community!

•MUST BE 17+

Sun's of Leviathan are recruiting!!
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New clan looking for members

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Recruiting for Youtube

Good morning,evening,or night. I am trying to recruit the last sin for my YouTube group. We are the Sins of Cr3w Central. Our group only has one girl and we are looking to add another. So if you are a girl gamer and wish to be apart of the group then hit me up with a message. The only true requirements is having an X box, playing destiny 2, and having discord and not easily offended. If you are at all interested please message me.

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Join up

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