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Jan 19, 2021, 11:34 AM 92 read

Hey you!! Join ShEliksniz Caballz!!

Destiny: General - Hey you!! Join ShEliksniz Caballz!!  image 1

We are a tightly knit group looking to grow a bit by adding like-minded players to our ranks. We have a handful of experienced raiders that can teach new members raid mechanics for various raids, as well as triumph hunters who are willing to help complete various triumphs and challenges. We are a mostly PvE oriented clan, but some of our members also enjoy jumping into the Crucible. We play on PS4 mostly, but a few of us have cross-save active. Requirements to join are as follows: -Must be 21+ -Must have a mic -Must be an active Guardian and stay active -Must play with and be approved by 2 Clan Admins before invite will be sent -Must have Discord If you are interested in making some new friends and having a great time playing Destiny, let me know and we'll set up a playtime. We're in it for the grind, but mostly the fun. We welcome female gamers and new Guardians. ☠️Nemesis☠️

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