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Dec 15, 2017, 04:54 AM 961 read

Can Master Work Weapons Bring the Grind to Destiny 2

We are now half way through the second week of The Curse of Osiris DLC, and the first week of the introduction of Master Work Weapons. Can this bring the much missed grind from Destiny 1 that people have felt is missing in Destiny 2. I feel that it has.   With Master Work Weapons dropping at around a 10.2% rate per legendary engram from the Gunsmith, the gain on these much sought after guns is incredibly low. Requiring players to farm for Legendary shards, tokens, engrams and Clearing all end game content on all characters. We are now given a great incentive to push through activities every day so that we can have a competitive advantage or even worse fall behind a power curve to our peers.   Destiny 2 always needed to implement more rng into their loot table Master Works does just that. I would like to see them even out the gains a tad bit on Master Works Shards gained from breaking down guns (e.g. make it a flat 2 gain instead of a 1-3), but overall I am excited to see this introduced to the game.   What are your thoughts and opinions leave a comment below to share how you feel this system will affect your daily/weekly Destiny 2 play. Or come talk to me @   I used information found in this reddit post for the Master Works drop rate from the gunsmith big shout out to reddit user Aercus

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