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Nov 24, 2020, 10:36 PM 30 read

Wanna Raid? Need a Clan? Join ShEliksniz Caballz!

We are a tightly knit group looking to grow a bit by adding like-minded players to our ranks. We have a handful of experienced raiders, that are teaching our current members raid mechanics and are willing to do the same for new members. We are a mostly PvE oriented clan, but some of our members also enjoy jumping into the Crucible. We play on PS4 mostly, but a few of us have cross-save active. Requirements to join are as follows: -Must be 21+ -Must have a mic -Must be an active Guardian and stay active -Must play with and be approved by 2 Clan Admins before invite will be sent -Must have Discord If you are interested in making some new friends and having a great time playing Destiny, let me know and we'll set up a playtime. We're in it for the grind, but mostly the fun. ☠️Nemesis☠️

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