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This Week at Bungie • October 22nd 2020

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#TWAB // bung.ie/2Ho8ekW 👾 This week at Bungie, we talk story and sandbox. Before we kick this TWAB off, I have to ask: Have you watched the new story trailer for Beyond Light yet? No? While we aren’t going to dive deeply into spoiler territory between now and launch, this is the moment where we say it’s time for you to go dark if you're looking to experience the expansion with no knowledge of what's coming. If you’re hungry, it’s time to dig in: https://youtu.be/k6c6M0rKW7s

Eramis is on the warpath. Variks warns of catastrophe. The Exo Stranger has been waiting for you. A few extra details can be found on the Beyond Light: Story page on Bungie.net. Jump in if you’d like to know more. Soon, you’ll be exploring Europa, in search of answers. Whether you be a lone wolf or part of a fireteam, we’ll leave that path for you to walk. —__—-__—-__———-____—-_——____ Much more in the full post, including: Beyond Light weapon tuning, the future of Adept weapons and mods, Prime Gaming’s latest offering, and of course the bug hunts and Movie of the Week as always. Guardians who want to read all the details within the rest of the TWAB blog should go here: bung.ie/2Ho8ekW

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