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This Week at Bungie • September 24th 2020

Destiny: General - This Week at Bungie • September 24th 2020 image 1

#TWAB // https://bit.ly/331uKIG 🍂 This week at Bungie, the weather is changing... You feel that? The slight chill in the air? It’s time to prepare for a colder climate, Guardians. Europa has no sympathy unprepared guests. You might want to come with a weapon or two, because frigid storms aren’t the only danger to be found here. Don’t be afraid, though. An old friend will be waiting for your arrival. Europa Trailer: https://youtu.be/89GEiE6HaKs

The weather may be brutal, but that won’t stop you from exploring this frontier. Take a look at the map of Europa (https://www.bungie.net/7/en/Destiny/BeyondLight/europa?ciid=48001), and be sure to check out our most recent weather forecast. Full TWAB blog here Guardians, yessss... : https://bit.ly/331uKIG

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