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This Week at Bungie • August 27th 2020

Destiny: General - This Week at Bungie • August 27th 2020 image 1

#TWAB // bung.ie/3jmMCTS “This week at Bungie, we gave a chilling new look at Stasis. It feels like just yesterday you were getting your first look at Stasis. Today during a virtual gamescom, we took a deeper look, introducing you to the Hunter Revenant, Titan Behemoth, and Warlock Shadebinder subclasses. There’s quite a bit to chew on. How do the new grenades work? What about melee attacks? What are those things that the Hunter just threw? This is just the start. Stasis Gameplay Trailer: https://moot.us/lounges/1/boards/1/posts/4553879/beyond-light-stasis-subclasses-in-new-gameplay-t Over the next two weeks, we’ll be releasing additional details through Dev Diaries, and updates to the Bungie.net/Stasis page. First update is planned for September 1. Set your calendar reminders accordingly.” Full TWAB blog is here, Guardians of Stasis: bung.ie/3jmMCTS

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