Zaypher LV.2 Walked the Plank
Aug 9, 2020, 07:15 PM 27 read

Looking for more friends!

I just recently got back into the grind of Destiny and it’s been pretty meh without actual friends to play the game with! I stopped playing days before last wish raid dropped, and every once and a while I would get on to check out events, etc. So far I’ve grounded myself back up to a reasonable pace and now I’m looking for new friends to play through everything Destiny 2 has to offer! And maybe form a new clan as well? I stream and recently started to do it while on Destiny so maybe we can grow a community too! For any questions about it, feel free to dm me and or hit me up on discord! Zaypher#8623 My twitch is iZaypher if anyone wants to know ;) Happy hunting out there, Guardians. -Zay

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