Malted Malted LV.21 S
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Dawning Ingredients Gathering

To go alongside the recipe post, here is a list on how to obtain certain ingredients.   Cabal Oil – Cabal Kills Chitin Powder – Hive Kills Dark Ether Cane – Scorn Kills Ether Cane – Fallen Kills Taken Butter – Taken Kills Vex Milk – Vex Kills Bullet Spray – Kills using fast-firing weapons Delicious Explosion – Kills using grenades Electric Flavor – Arc Kills Flash of Inspiration – Generate an orb of light Impossible Heat – Solar Kills Null Taste – Void Kills Perfect Taste – Precision Kills Personal Touch – Melee Kills Sharp Flavor – Sword kills   To get essence you need to complete certain activities or events.   Patrols = 1-3 Essence Public Events = 5 Essence Heroic Adventure = 6 Essence Strikes = 15-17 Essence Gambit = 22 Essence Nightfall = 23 Essence   Here is the link to the recipe list:

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