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This Week at Bungie • June 11th 2020

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#TWAB // bung.ie/3hmVk43 “This week at Bungie, we launched a whole bunch of missiles. It’s been an action packed week. Over the weekend, we watched as Rasputin sent literal ordnance into the sky to take down the Almighty in Destiny 2’s first live in-game event. We followed that up with a mighty salvo of virtual launches in the form of media, articles, and a stream to showcase the future of Destiny. Season of Arrivals has started building a bridge to this fall, when Guardians will wield the Darkness for the first time in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Here’s the full stream in case you haven’t had a chance to watch yet: https://youtu.be/x8K6L1wr7fs Don’t have time to watch the full stream? Here are a couple of the first looks at Destiny 2: Beyond Light. https://youtu.be/h-5S82ETKvI & https://youtu.be/Ms90okhAbTw We’re excited about the future of Destiny. To lay the groundwork, we have to make some changes to the core game. Several less-explored locations and activities will be going into the Destiny Content Vault (DCV) to pave the way for new hotness like Europa coming this fall. We lay out a lot of information on what to expect in our Building a Viable Future in Destiny 2 article. We know you have a lot more questions and we’ll have answers to share throughout the summer. Since Season of Arrivals acts as a prelude to Beyond Light, we have held our plans for the Season close to our chest until the reveal this week. The Pyramid ships have begun to arrive on Io and Eris is hard at work trying to decipher their intentions. She needs your help. https://youtu.be/5tJwLjVfFPc Oh, and did we mention there is a brand new dungeon? Prophecy is free to all players and transports you into a strange dimension to seek out the IX. It’s got some real Rainbow Road vibes too. Here’s a peek: https://youtu.be/ManQHg9_MiU The future is bright and full of new challenges to tackle. We hope to see you out there.” Much more in the full TWAB, Guardians: bung.ie/3hmVk43

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