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This Week at Bungie • May 21st 2020

Destiny: General - This Week at Bungie • May 21st 2020 image 1

#TWAB // https://bung.ie/2yoeQM7 “This week at Bungie, something unexpected happened on the way to the Moon Bunker. Many of you have been chasing a Lie. Last week, you began your hunt with Ana, successfully defending Seraph Towers in the Winding Cove, Anchor of Light, and the Rupture (or watched as your fellow Guardians carried the weight…). You burned through a thousand enemies with your trusty Shotgun. Sadly, your quest for answers came to a halt on Sunday evening, all thanks to a faulty door on the Moon’s bunker. Earlier this morning, Destiny 2 Hotfix was released, unblocking your journey in finding truth behind The Lie. While we hate to see a bug ship, we’re excited to right the ship as quickly as possible. Now, we look to what comes next. Season of the Worthy is winding down, which means it’s time for a round of previews from the team. This week, we’re hyper focused on Legendary Engrams and weapon tuning.” Full TWAB blog here, Guardians: https://bung.ie/2yoeQM7

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