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This Week at Bungie • May 14th 2020

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#TWAB // bung.ie/2AuuupU “This week at Bungie, a new quest was discovered. Guardian Games has come to a close. Hunters won the first day, but Titans showed up in force to completely dominate the rest of the event. Warlocks took home the silver, and Hunters still look frabjous. The final Iron Banner of the Season is also live this week and, along with it, players have discovered a new quest. The community has been tasked with helping Rasputin by completing Seraph Tower events and are currently working to complete the objectives on EDZ, the Moon, and Io. We’ve seen feedback that the Tower events are too difficult and that it’s hard to wrangle up enough people to join the cause. We have made some server-side changes to lower the difficulty of the event to help alleviate frustrations and increase your success rate. We made an error when we calculated how many completions were required, so yesterday we introduced bonus multipliers to help the community’s progress and get you all on your way to the next step. You can read more details on the changes we made here:

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Much more in the full TWAB blog, Guardians: bung.ie/2AuuupU

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