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How to get the Thunderlord Exotic machine gun

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How to start the Thunderlord quest To begin your quest, simply visit shipwright Amanda Holliday in the Tower. She'll give you an Exotic quest item called the Journal of the Reef Cryptarch which you must use to investigate the murder of Master Ives, the late Cryptarch of - you guessed it - the Reef. Step one: acquire journal pages Once you have the journal, you'll need to fill it with pages. These can be acquired by decrypting Legendary or Exotic engrams, or defeating Fallen majors and ultras in the European Dead Zone. Unless you've been hoarding Exotic engrams - or you want to splurge on engrams at the Cryptarch in the Tower - killing challenging Fallen is your best bet, so head to the EDZ and look for the Glimmer Mining Crew public event. It tends to appear in Trostland, The Sludge and near Firebase Hades. This event is absolutely stuffed with Fallen majors - so much so that you can fill the journal after a single wave of enemies if you get lucky. Plus you'll get a powerful gear drop when you get your last page. Step two: wait Unfortunately, you’re just going to have to wait for the next step because all we can currently do is just wait until the journal is decrypted. As of right now, we don’t know how long that’s going to take.

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    Soon is not coming soon enough lol. We’re still waiting for the journal entries to cracked lol.

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    Journal entries are everywhere. Engrams, Fallen, Haunted Forest Nightmares, and even randomly unaffiliated enemies that they likely shouldn’t drop from. The weekly update is the frustrating part.