Malted Malted LV.21 S
Oct 3, 2018, 02:57 PM 984 read

Fresh or Nostalgic?

Bungie has done a pretty bang up job on the Forsaken expansion. Word around the tower is that we might be seeing some more familiar weapons made famous in D1. What do you think of this? Would you rather see new exotics made going forward or returns of first gen exotics?   Lots of new exotics really nail the epic factor Destiny is working to fully harness. So new might be the best option for them. Though I really want to see one of my favorite guns from D1 "The Last Word," in D2. I setup shrines and sacrificed many a things wishing for Xur to offer it. The wait was brutal, but I was so excited when I finally saw it in rotation.

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