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Well Played Bungie...Well Played. You've Got Me Invested in The Forsaken DLC

First off, fuck you Uldren Sov. And that is all I'm going to say about that. I don't want spoil the rest of it. So I just started the campaign and I'm loving it. So far I've only played 2 missions. I honestly wish that the rest of Destiny 2's campaigns were like the Forsaken's campaign. Bungie definitely has me invested in the story, which was never the case with the other stories that were being told in Destiny 2.   Another thing that I hated at first, but now like is how you upgrade weapons and armour. At first I hated the fact that you had to collect more items (once you play some of the story, you'll be able to obtain those items without grinding for them) in order to upgrade weapons and armour, but now I find myself spending more time on different planets with other players getting the necessary items and just playing more public events. For some this added grind will suck, but for me I really like it now. On a side note, I still haven't played the Gambit mode, so I'll have to play some matches once I have some more time.   One thing that I still don't like is that you can't solo queue Nightfalls yet. Why do I have to resort to going on the Destiny Discord and find random people to play with? How is that any different than matching people up with other players to play with? If I can do this with Strikes, why can't I do this with Nightfalls? In fact, radins should also allow matchmaking as well. To me it doesn't matter if it makes the mission harder to complete. A lot of my friends who used to Destiny have moved on to other games (like Monster Hunter World). What Bungie could do is require people to have microphones in order to use matchmaking for Nightfalls and Raids. Bungie get on that lol.   Here's a screenshot that I took of the AI being dumb. This is extremely early on in the Forsaken campaign. He just stood there until I went to mission marker. I was like hello, you know that I can see you standing there right?🤣🤣🤣. What are you waiting for, just attack me already lol.

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  • El Kotal LV.25 Titan Sep 13, 2018, 08:39 PM

    Bungie can't require people to use microphone for any kind of activity. However, the community etiquette and the common sense does require you to have a mic when attempting a Raid.

    Besides, LFG exists. A matchmaking wouldn't really change anything as you don't know who your teamates are in advance either way.

    Btw, I think the image you show is a scripted moment, not a faulty AI.

  • XenosX39 LV.25 Titan Sep 14, 2018, 07:49 AM

    It definitely is a scripted moment. I just find it weird that he does nothing at all until you walk to the right place. Just attack me already lol. Who in their right mind let’s their enemy walk right up to them and do nothing about it. Yes I know that I’m looking too far into this 🤣. I actually don’t mind playing with randos. It adds an extra layer of challenge. That’s just me though, I know that I’m strange lol.

  • El Kotal LV.25 Titan Sep 14, 2018, 08:14 PM

    Eveyone who uses LFG to raid basically plays russian roulette lol.

    You can end up in a god team or an absolute trash team ^^ Mechanic driven raids like Kings fall are the utlimate test for that ^^

  • StormbladeX69 (XBL) verified LV.25 Shadow Sep 16, 2018, 03:28 PM

    IMO Bungie has seriously redeemed themselves with Forsaken! 🎉