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This Week at Bungie • February 13th 2020

Destiny: General - This Week at Bungie • February 13th 2020 image 1

“This week at Bungie, we had to fix the timeline . . . again. Sometimes when you kill a bug it doesn’t stay dead. Earlier this week, while deploying Hotfix, a small number of servers failed to restart with the proper configuration file. This reintroduced a previous issue that caused some players to lose currency. We had to reset the clock again, and roll back character data to ensure that no one’s hard-earned currencies were lost. To give you some details from behind the scenes, we posted a detailed recap of why this issue reemerged and how we’re working to prevent it from rearing its ugly head again. Player Support has more info below on Hotfix going live this morning and how it put this bug to bed for good. In other news, Crimson Days is back and Guardians are partnering up to show their love. The Tower decorations are up and Lord Shaxx is inviting partners to enter his special Crimson Doubles playlist in the Crucible. For the full details, check out our Crimson Days page or last week’s TWAB.” More to read in the full #TWAB , Guardians: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/48727

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