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This Week At Bungie • January 30th 2020

Destiny: General - This Week At Bungie • January 30th 2020 image 1

This Week at Bungie, we had to fix the timeline. Earlier this week, when we deployed 2.7.1, we discovered an issue causing players to lose various currencies. Our team immediately took action and brought the game down for maintenance while we worked to discover the source of the issue. We did this to minimize any further impact to players. We ended up doing the first-ever character rollback in Destiny’s history to ensure that no one lost any of their hard-earned materials. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by the unexpected maintenance and appreciated everyone’s patience while we worked to get the game back online. We’ll continue to improve our efforts to minimize issues and downtime. Even though some bugs are always going to crawl through the cracks, we’ll be waiting on the other side with a swatter. ———————— Full #TWAB for January 30th 2020: bung.ie/2GFy8wZ

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