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Fireteam Chat: Why Destiny 2 Can't Keep Fans Engaged (+Extras)

#FireteamChat Episode 245 • January 24th 2020 “Guest SayNoToRage and the Fireteam Chat crew discuss the lack of engagement during Destiny 2's Season of Dawn and why the most hardcore players seem to be playing less than ever before.” Link: https://youtu.be/p6u8Al0M1GY

✨✨✨ EXTRAS ✨✨✨ Wait, extras? For a Fireteam Chat? Well, yeah. A lot of content creators have been bringing up issues with Destiny’s current model of things with seasonal content. We’ve got some issues to work through again, and here’s to hoping that Bungie can listen, acknowledge, and help the game to grow and evolve in the right directions. To sum up, both Beard Grizzly and Joker are here talking about issues with the seasonal content. They frame things in different ways, but it’s still important to see alternative perspectives on the same issues. After that, check out True Vanguard’s look into PVP and issues players may be causing for themselves. Also, a Tweet:

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—————— #Beard_Grizzly • Destiny 2's Seasons need help. Here's my take || Beard_Grizzly Season of Dawn Update “Not much more to say here.... I hope that all of the ideas and suggestions that Bungie is hearing around the community and outside are taken with some serious thought and so on. I don't expect anything at all of this video to be acted on. But I wanted to try.” Link: https://youtu.be/PHntTvIJXAY

—————— #DSR_Joker • Destiny 2: Bastion And The Corridors Of WASTING Everyone's Time!!! (A Rant) Link: https://youtu.be/Ky2RBVacaLI

—————— #TrueVanguard • Are Players Also Responsible for the State of PVP in Destiny 2 “Are players partially responsible for the negative parts of the pvp culture in Destiny 2 today? Let's talk about it!” Link: https://youtu.be/04r17Gfb-60

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