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This Week At Bungie • January 23rd 2020

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“This Week at Bungie, the path was found. The Corridors of Time have been charted. Guardians from around the world took on the monumental challenge of navigating time itself, some losing their minds in the progress. We’d never shipped a puzzle of this size before, and watching the community engagement was a thrill in itself. We’ve seen a few requests for commentary on the creation and development of this puzzle. As always, we’re happy to invite you behind the scenes and share some of the thinking that goes into the experiences you play. ————— Destiny Dev Team: Over the past week, we’ve watched in awe as the community came together to solve one of Destiny’s most complex puzzles to date. Everyone who took the time to participate in the solution will be remembered for years to come – whether you submitted a screenshot, transcribed puzzle pieces, generated maps, wrote code, worked the data, or cat-wrangled this monumental team effort. Please take a moment to congratulate yourselves. Your efforts and accomplishments were truly inspiring. Watching the first players solve the puzzle in the early hours of Monday morning was a career highlight for many of us on the Development Team. With the puzzle solved and the Corridors of Time closing next week, we wanted to take a moment to talk about our goals and early designs for this puzzle. When we started planning the puzzle, we created a few goals to guide our development: • Create a time maze through which any player can dive to discover secrets and lore • Serve as a shared community puzzle that rewards the Exotic Fusion Rifle • Celebrate community achievement and invite all players to partake in the reward With these goals in mind, we took inspiration from multiple sources in creating the early designs for the puzzle. The bones originated several years ago with the discovery of the Sleeper Simulant and the ensuing quest to unlock it. At the time, we recognized that the moment of discovery was reserved for the few people that happened to be online at the time when that hidden content unlocked. Similarly, the secret missions for The Whisper and Zero Hour were also moments of discovery reserved for the few people online within a limited time window to experience first. By contrast, this puzzle was meant to be experienced by everybody who wanted to be included. As is tradition at Bungie during our annual studio Pentathlon (which was held last Friday), many of us spend the entire day solving puzzles crafted by some of our brightest minds. This always culminates in a meta-puzzle that cannot be solved without the contribution of all of the smaller solutions. Similarly, the Corridors of Time puzzle was designed from the start to be very simple in nature, but also require require that all of the little bits come together in harmony before revealing its solution. The delivery of this puzzle came together as the team began exploring the concept and narrative for Season of Dawn. The puzzle seemed to fit well with the idea of the Corridors of Time, with players meandering and weaving through time to find a very specific reality. The early ideas for this space were roughly based on the idea of the cult-classic movie Cube, where you would leave one door and end up in another identical room with a new death trap waiting for you. As always, our artists delivered a mind-bending and stunning visual language that simply brought the whole experience together into something that inspires the imagination. Much like other classic movies, such as Alice in Wonderland or the Matrix, this space and the way it was connected together was done so to invoke questions like “Just how deep does this rabbit hole go? Can you just keep going on forever?", and "Is there even an end to this?” Again, we want to thank everyone who participated in this puzzle or cheered from the sidelines. We’re actively monitoring and collecting your feedback, from the puzzle itself to the rewards contained, to inform how we build experiences like this again in the future. ————— Now, we look ahead. We’ve got a rundown of performance issues that are currently under investigation, and another patch note preview for next week's update!” Seeking the complete #TWAB this week, Guardians? Look no further: bung.ie/2RJmOFh

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