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Jan 10, 2020, 02:43 PM 126 read

Mystery of “Gjallarhorn”

Destiny: General - Mystery of “Gjallarhorn” image 1

Have you heard about Gjallarhorn in Destiny series? The pronunciation of the name “Gjallarhorn” was the mystery between game players. Gjallarhorn was one of Destiny’s first top tier weapons and it was the most coveted weapon by early players. It was so hard to pronounce, so players used to call it “Gallarhorn” or “Jallarhorn”. After that, Destiny 2 just determined an official pronunciation to solve the mystery. In the game, Saint-14 mentioned that its pronunciation is neither “Gallarhorn” nor “Jallarhorn,” but actually “Yallarhorn.” Early gamers would not notice the correct pronunciation unless Gjallarhorn ever comes back into the game.     https://gamerant.com/destiny-2-gjallarhorn-pronunciation/

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