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This Week At Bungie • January 9th 2020

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“This week at Bungie, the Devils were reminded of their ruin. Hello, and welcome back to your weekly roundup of Bungie and Destiny 2 related news. We’ve entered our final week of the Dawning, so get to baking if you haven’t already earned your Sparrows. You have through next Tuesday to complete as many double XP bounties as you can! Additionally, the Sundial has been kicked up a notch with a Legend difficulty. If you’re looking to get the Savior title or round out your Pinnacle power drops each week, get your fireteam together and challenge these Psions in the ways of old. A new Exotic has also made its appearance, packing a little bit of Unstoppable heat, so to speak. Load up the Sundial and start your quest to acquire the Devil’s Ruin Exotic Sidearm. We’re still warming up from our holiday hibernation, but we’re hitting the ground running! This week, we have an update from our Game Security team, an announcement for a fundraiser to help send aid to Australia, and news on a hotfix coming early next week. Let’s get to it.” Full #TWAB is here, Guardians: bung.ie/36QRDOk

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  • lena LV.23 Let’s play Fortnite! Jan 10, 2020, 11:42 AM

    yeah im gonna play it on this weekend