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This Week At Bungie • November 21st 2019

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“This week at Bungie, we’re investing in solar energy. We wrapped up Festival of the Lost this week, but cleaning up the decorations wasn’t the only thing that changed in the Tower. Ikora finished her construction project, closed out all the permits, and Guardians launched an attack on the Undying Mind. The attack is ongoing and all Season Pass holders can join in on Vex Offensive and transmat the finished portal from the Tower to summon and defeat Undying Minds from different timelines. The impact of your victory has not been made clear just yet, but in time, you will learn more about how this will further evolve the world as we transition into the next Season.” Full #TWAB you say, Guardians? Here. It. Is: bung.ie/2XCkBxC

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• Destiny: The Official Cookbook • “In collaboration with Insight Editions and author Victoria Rosenthal, Destiny’s first official cookbook is filled with recipes inspired by the characters and locations seen throughout its expansive universe.” Direct Link: https://bungiestore.com/collections/art-books/products/coming-soon-destiny-the-official-cookbook

• Destiny Grimoire Anthology — Volume III • “Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. Three is coming in late 2020 as the next edition of the popular Grimoire series.” Direct Link: https://bungiestore.com/collections/art-books/products/coming-soon-destiny-grimoire-anthology-volume-iii

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    Cant wait for the new warlock melee