Serai Feh Cleverwind Serai Feh Cleverwind LV.5 Killer Main
Nov 19, 2019, 01:42 AM 30 read


Have we noticed that some of these Exotics have some weird buffs into it that makes no sense what's so ever until you notice one day that when someone else use it against you, you see how it works but when you test it out if either "oh wow....I can destroy many gardians with this bad boy" or " using to something else" I remember the one eyed mask for titan. Man....what I nightmare....until you have to waste your power ammo on then :/. But hey some exotic guns ;D. Cool looking and powerful am I right? Like thorns or (as I see people use in pvp) mida multi-tool or whatever you see is best. I see lots a things that people use and it's just funny or game raging because why not oh let's not talk about lord of wolves (that shotgun is broken af) BTW what do you think is the next set of equipment xur is gonna sell?

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