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This Week At Bungie - 9.12.19

Destiny: General - This Week At Bungie - 9.12.19 image 1

“This week at Bungie, we’re looking into the near future. We’ve talked a lot about how Shadowkeep will change the way we play Destiny, and we’re not even done yet. We’ll have more to say before October 1 about how the game is about to evolve. There might even be a final pre-launch Bungie ViDoc about Year Three next week, but that’s not my promise to make. Keep your eyes up. Seeing Guardians rejoin Eris on the Moon for a new adventure is not the only thing we’re looking forward to when we daydream launch day. As this new campaign against the minions of the darkness begins, a new Season of Destiny gameplay will begin with it – followed by three additional seasons of updates. We’re about kick off a whole new year of explorations, rewards, and surprises. But not everything should be left to surprise. We know that Guardians like to plan their gaming sessions. This calendar shows what’s coming free to all players of Destiny 2, what’s in store for Shadowkeep, and what’s included with Season of the Undying:

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Save these dates! If you’re not one to over-plan your life, you know we’ll keep you up to date from week to week on what awaits you in the game. That’s just what we’re about to do right now.” Yes, oh yes, Guardiansssssss.... full #TWAB here: http://bung.ie/2keUz4q

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