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Jul 27, 2018, 09:35 AM 1,339 read

Forsaken Exotics Are Hype

It's almost as if Bungie read my post about underrated gear combos yesterday, and decided to help me out with my theory crafting ahead of the Forsaken launch. The new exotics sound amazing and I'm really pumped to find out what other surprise exotics they have in store. The first combo I saw just from that trailer was using the Sixth Coyote with Black Talon. Dodging around to get the melee kills and using Black Talon's projectile for enemies out of reach. Maybe even combine that with the Arcstrider subclass for that extra melee perk wombo combo. I want to know if marksman dodge will work with Ace of Spades and if the increase in damage is enough for a near full health and shield kill. If it does then slap that Sixth Coyote on too.


This bow though, I'm going to be using this weapon a lot. My friendship with Foetracer has ended, now Wish-Ender is my new best friend.   You can find the trailer on the other moot post by our mod here:

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