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Jul 14, 2018, 11:36 AM 1,036 read

1.2.3 Update Preview


Weapons - Sturm Exotic Catalyst available from defeating enemies on Nessus Bounties - Award XP, reputation and more - Available from various vendors - Can drop in the world - Can expire if not completed in time Crucible - Iron Banner control points are now Iron Temple Fire Pits - 6 v 6 is now default for Quickplay - Score and Time limits adjusted for 6 v 6 - Supremacy is returning as weekly mode - Rumble will always be available - Valor rank can be earned from more playlists - Joining an game in progress will protect your glory rank - Players will be matched via their glory rank - Glory loss streak less punishing - Rank streaks no longer reset at max Heroic Modifiers - Power level effects modifiers - Blackout no longer one shots higher power level guardians EP Loot Changes - Weapon reward chance increases each time the boss is defeated Other - Commas added to large numbers - Ability to preview spawn effects and sparrow contrails in inventory - Forged weapons can now be bought from Brother Vance after acquiring them - Prismatic Matrix being removed until Forsaken launches - Momentum removed from heroic adventures - Max power level increased to 405 - Prestige raid lairs will award 385+ weapons Exotic Armor Changes --Titan-- ACD/0 Feedback Fence - Fury Conductor activates on melee hit rather than kill - Fury Conductor stacks add melee damage resistance Doom Fang Pauldron - Shield throw hits extend super duration - Void melee kills grant more super energy Dune Marchers - Activation time reduced to 1.5 seconds of sprinting - Damage increased by 440% in PvE and 70% in PvP --Warlock-- Crown of Tempests - Stacks limited to 3 (same effect overall) but now lowers the upkeep cost of stormtrance Karnstein Amulets - Removed melee hit effects - Melee kills now instantly heal you and provide additional healing for 8 seconds Starfire Protocol - Empowering rift weapon damage hits now grant Fusion Grenade Energy (20%) --Hunter-- Lucky Raspberry - Increased chance to fully recharge your arcbolt grenade - Guaranteed recharge on getting a full chain of 4 hits St0mp-EE5 - Increased benefits when using Strafe Jump and triple jump Young Ahamkara’s Spine - Removed marking functionality - Improves Tripmine Grenade Blast Radius, Speed and Health - Solar ability hits recharge some tripmine grenade energy

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