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This Week At Bungie - 6.20.19

”Oh, look, the new #TWAB is live! I should get that posted on Moot!” *life happens and two days pass* “Oops...” ————————

Destiny: General - This Week At Bungie - 6.20.19 image 2

“This week at Bungie, we prepare for Calus’s new challenge. If you’re reading this at the moment of publication, we’re currently live on the GuardianCon Charity Marathon Stream hosting a Bungie Bounty. We’re being hunted on all three platforms while a menagerie of hosts reads off donations to support a great cause! We have a list of incentives, ranging from releasing the TWAB early to showing off a few Legendary weapon concepts from our upcoming Destiny 2: Shadowkeep release. For more information about the GuardianCon charity stream, make sure to check their website. If you’d like to join the fun on stream, we’ll be live from 1–5 PM PDT (4–8 PM EDT). Now, let’s get down to business on your weekly roundup of Destiny- and Bungie-related news.” Full TWAB here, Guardians: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47944

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