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Jun 27, 2018, 11:41 AM 880 read

Gambit, a balancing act of PvE and PvP

So I went to E3 and played Destiny's newest game mode, Gambit. I went in with no expectations and came out pleasantly surprised. Enough to warrant another round of play as I went back in line after the first session.   I lean more towards the PvE aspects of any game and on occasion will hop in PvP or competitive if the mood fits. Gambit gave me the same feeling as if I was playing Dark Souls. You can mind your own business, kill enemies, collect motes, and kill the boss. Somewhere in between all that one enemy team member can invade you and induce some extra levels of adrenaline. A blood red sky fills the field accompanied by a warning siren. That's when your team has to decide either to switch attention to the invader and defend / kill, or avoid and continue with the objective (I ran into both scenarios in my separate matches based on how far each team is to killing their Prime Evil). Or you can be the invader and wreak havoc.   How Bungie is balancing the invader aspect changes up the pace of shoot outs. There can only be 1 invader sent once either team has banked a total of 25 motes and 50 motes. When the Prime Evil of one team has been summoned, the opposing team can constantly send in 1 invader. The invader is given a buff in this instance and has just enough power to fend off a 1v3 situation. So even if the defending team is ready to employ ol' reliable and team shoot, it won't be an easy task. The invader has a limited time to disrupt your progress before returning, and you can cut that short by ending their life. In both my sessions I never felt there was one go to strategy, but then again the pool of players at E3 are different vs any random online player/group. Whatever the case, it was a great departure from team shoot outs and felt empowering to invade. OH! and the new ultimates are DOOOOOOPE! Just had to throw that in there.

This is a refreshing game mode compared to the other types Destiny has to offer. The controversial decisions Bungie made since the launch of Destiny 2 have players skeptical about all future content. However, the Forsaken expansion and new game type have peaked the interest of current and potentially returning players. I'll probably wait a week or so after Forsaken's release this September before making my decision to buy it. With so many great games releasing around that time, the Forsaken DLC has an uphill battle in regaining the approval of its player base. Bungie is showing 1 great incentive for me to buy it and that's for Gambit. The story looks promising, but I'm not holding my breath, and it better be good cause they're killing off our beloved Cayde. Bungie just needs to keep churning out exciting game modes and more end game content. All hope is not lost for now, but if it ever is I'll be asking Uldren to help me join Cayde.   You can find more info about Gambit mode here:

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