What do you guys think of the arbalest?

In my opinion itโ€™s good

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Thank you everyone for 10 followers!!!

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Rahool stahp

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Weekly Reset (04/23/19)

Irom Banner is live

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engram farm

Amyone know the best engram farm

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Mess up

Am i the only person who thinks destiny2 ruined itself because destiny 1 was great but they didn't chage anything about 2 it was like they gave us a really short story and some new planets but we loat all of our guns! Terrible would not reccomend

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New Exotic Quest Next Season!

Ok so I have an idea of what it is. I come to believe that it is the Hawkmoon. Ok so the reason is, is that we have the other "special" handcannons which are The Last Word and Thorn. The three hand cannons I jave mentioned are connected in the lore of Destiny 2 all 3 of them are connected. What do youvguys think.

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Wouldn't destiny 2 be amazing if it had cross platform multiplayer?

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Cayde is alive!!!

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Destiny 1

Hey guys Iโ€™m a Destiny 1 gamer and wondering if anyone could send me a discord link to an active Destiny 1 server. Thanks!

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Bromance at its finest

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Blueberry's know how to dance~

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I love the titan moves...

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Lonely ๐Ÿ˜ข

The destiny 1 community is so small it makes me feel sad for the game.

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Me and the bois waiting for our deaths

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I'm back

No one probably cares or remembers me but I am back. (I apologize for this inconvenience).

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Does anyone know what's happining after the season of the drifter?

Seriously anyone

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Anyone Know why?

Why canโ€™t I get any radiant weapon frames?

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i need help il lvl 12

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Im fuucken done

I did the multi mida tool scout rifle challenge and it was supposed to drop higher than my own light level but it droped at a 260 help me why did it do this

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This Week At Bungie - 4.18.19

Knew there was something I forgot to do...

โ€œThis week at Bungie, the Revelry has begun.

Everyoneโ€™s favorite space grandma has returned to the Tower, and the Revelry is in full swing. Pick up your Reveler's Tonic, then set out to the Verdant Forest and beyond. Arbalest, our first Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle, is now available to be earned by all players of Destiny 2. You can get the full details on the event in our Revelry event page.

There is one more Revelry reward we havenโ€™t mentioned yet. Bungie Rewards is offering an emblem for eliminating 150 enemies with Super abilities during the Revelry. After youโ€™re done dealing out space magic, claim the Super Celebratory Triumph, and then go to the Bungie Rewards Page to claim your reward!โ€

Read the full #TWAB here, Guardians:

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New Fit ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’€

Fresh amirite

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Arbalest can shoot through cabal sheilds


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This week on xur selling

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Xur of (04/19/19)

Winding Cove, EDZ

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If I go down I'm taking the enemy team with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Back when sleeper was the dominant one in Gambit

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Bungie Developer Insights - Season of the Drifter


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Destiny 2 worst dlc jokerโ€™s wild

First you start with bad missions and no new planet lile it could have been a season thing +you have to pay for it wtf it is bullshit and there is not enough campain we want campain

#streamer #game #sucks

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