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Easy Truth Guide

So once you start the quest for Truth and see Petra, she will have map fragments (pretty sure that is glitched).

If you do all three that dont require the 3 NF runs and 60 rocket kills, you can avoid it.

After those three are finished, if you run ONE regular NF you will get a previous fragment dropped. If you complete the duplicate fragment it will finish off the last one needed so all you would need to do is the final step!

Saves you a ton of time and if you are mainly a solo player, less effort to get a dedicated group together.

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Anyone know good ways to get leveled up fast in d2?

Ima be up all night I just don't wanna lonely

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This (Last) Week At Bungie - 6.13.19

I’ve been on vacation and a bit MIA as for updates, but I’ll be posting this (last) week’s #TWAB regardless.

“This week at Bungie, we watched Guardians hunt for Truth.

Season of Opulence is off and running. Guardians are piling into the Emperor’s lost vaults in search of the treasure of their choosing. Earlier this week, you discovered a new boss waiting for you in the depths of the Menagerie. Upon defeating it, you were given a quest to seek out Truth. Not in an X-files way, but to find the Rocket Launcher, Truth—a weapon that seeks out its targets… aggressively.

Next week, we’ll mix things up once again with a third additional boss to keep things fresh in our new six-player activity. And that’s not all we have planned. We are also welcoming an old friend back to the Tower.”

Full TWAB ahead, Guardians:

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A great way to find the perfect weapon. <-- That site is a great way to find the best weapon for the rolls you want. (Also if anyone watchs RickKackis and wonders where he finds the possible rolls a weapon can get, this is the site.) Edit: It also shows the rune combinations needed to get the new Season of Opulence weapons and armor.

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Chalice Recipes!

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Late night grind 💯


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question does the cheese on zero hour still work or did the patch it?

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Welp time to get my raid gear ready 😂

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My first 300 power weapon!

Sorry it's a little blurry, It's called the Vertical orbit QSM

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Leviathan Raid World Eater

Someone wanna join me?

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I’m looking for people that can help me complete the outbreak perfected quest.

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Moons haunted

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Whats your thoughts on Truth?

I don't personally like it but it is a little op in PvP as I've been grinding gambit lately and I've been using it. Tell me your opinion on it.

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Xur Inventory (06/14/19)

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Xur selling Exotics Friday June 14

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I have a question!

When will the Bribe to spider quest step get fixed? Because I’m really trying to get it done but then it doesn’t let me pay the bribe

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New Light Info

For those who need this

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When does the maintenance end!

Please let me know!!

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When Shadowkeep comes out will the people who have already bought the base game with no dlcs (cause I'm broke) but will it basically be the same as the f2p version or will there be some more content added if you have to bought game?

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Pulled out some fresh bread from the oven. 💪

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Runefinder not working?

I’ve been farming crucible in an attempt to get tunes using the rune finder, in the description it says grants AT LEAST one rune on completion but I’m not getting any. Do I need to do something special, am I doing something wrong, or is the game just bugging? PLEASE HELP.

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I got the new rocket launcher

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Hidden IO area discovered

Upon reading this article, it seems some clever little weasels found a hidden part inside IO that has yet been given access to players.

It seems to have a dungeon vibe and may lead to a new exotic questline.

Data miners of the truth said that the mission steps lead away from IO, but there is speculation that it could be part of the badjuju questline for the catalyst was data mined for a weapon that looks just like badjuju.

A wizard can dream right? I hope it’s brought back!! The gun ripped in D1 crucible.

Any thoughts on the new area discovery? Any more articles that try to give opinions about it? Let me know!

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When you play Destiny solo, so you dont know the obvious

So, the last part of maps is a Nightfall objective. I dont know what to do, as I dont have a challenge card. Can anybody let me know if there is a way to complete this objective?

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Here for my entity
Each other for my reality
Stopping my melancholy
Going for my own destiny

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New rocket launcher here’s how you get it

There’s a new rocket launcher in destiny 2 called truth to get it you have to compost a mengarine then talk to Petra and follow the rest.

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POPULAR Friend shared this with me xD

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Weekly Reset (06/11/19)

Truth quest is live!

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Anyone ever just die in a strike or raid and your team leaves you? Like if this has happened to you

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