Festival of the Lost


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The Sleeper Needs to be Debuffed or There Needs to be Better Counters Against it

My god am I starting to get sick of the Sleeper. Its ability to kill in one hit is insane. Once in awhile, I get lucky and survive a Sleeper encounter. The best way to counter a sleeper is by fighting it from far away. I can't wait for the new weapon types to come to Destiny (like heavy machine guns for example).

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Just Don't!

I've said it once and I'll say it again. If you don't know the concept of Gambit or even know how to play in general. Then do the rest of us that know what we're doing, know how to play and get the concept of Gambit. DON'T F'ING PLAY!! DON'T F'ING JOIN!!

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This Week At Bungie - 10.4.18

“This week at Bungie, Guardians gave chase to the goals that meant the most to each of them.

Be it Power, Triumphs, Exotics, or quests, there was an aim to achieve. Ever since Cayde-6 met his doom in the depths of the Prison of Elders, we’ve shared a journey through the discoveries in Forsaken. Week after the week, the community conversation has been dominated by the revelation of new secrets and challenges. Some of you have lamented the fact that’s it’s been hard to keep up, but all of these things still await you.

Now is a good time for each Guardian to take stock of what they’ve accomplished, what fights are next on their dance card, or what they’d most like to add to their Collections. We’ve asked the question about Triumphs, god rolls, gear sets, and even titles. There is still a lot to accomplish in Forsaken—plenty left to earn and learn. You might have to speed right past some of these accolades or rewards in your rush to become raid ready.

We have some more tricks up our sleeves to keep your Guardian lifestyle rich and exciting, and those conversations will begin soon. In the meantime, there are still some questions we’d like to answer about how the day-to-day experience will be changing with the next round of updates.

Let’s dig in and set some expectations. ...”

The full TWAB continues here: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47303

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Dreaming City Collectibles/ Site

Image and a wonderful website I came across lastnite


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Fresh or Nostalgic?

Bungie has done a pretty bang up job on the Forsaken expansion. Word around the tower is that we might be seeing some more familiar weapons made famous in D1. What do you think of this? Would you rather see new exotics made going forward or returns of first gen exotics?
Lots of new exotics really nail the epic factor Destiny is working to fully harness. So new might be the best option for them. Though I really want to see one of my favorite guns from D1 "The Last Word," in D2. I setup shrines and sacrificed many a things wishing for Xur to offer it. The wait was brutal, but I was so excited when I finally saw it in rotation.

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What Destiny Could've Been

I love reading about how stories could've turned out if a writer hadn't left or if the story hadn't gone through another round of rewriting. When I get the opportunity to read about story leaks & leaks about beta builds of a game, I'm there lol. On a side note, if you're into reading about beta versions of games or about unreleased games then you'll enjoy the website unseen64.net.
Going back to my post, Destiny went through some pretty crazy changes prior to it coming out in the shape and form that we've come to know it. The biggest change or the most interesting change came in the form of the nature of the Traveler. In the released version of the game, the Traveler is a source of guidance, light, and life. The original version is a whole other story...
Here's where the unreleased version of the game gets good, the Traveler is not some benevolent being/source of energy. From what has been leaked, the Traveler is, in fact, a malevolent being. It's the source of the destruction of humanity and is also attracting all of the evil forces that the brave Guardians are fighting. There's an interesting twist, the Traveler is still the force behind resurrecting people and turning them into Guardians. Unfortunately, we don't know much more about the original version of the story/lore besides some of the leaks and through the Grimoire which hints at the previous version of the story/lore.
I honestly believe that Destiny would've been leagues better if the original story was kept in place. Imagine fighting against the Traveler. Shit that would be insane to take it on. The Traveler is a god-like being in the truest sense because it can do almost anything (from what I can remember).
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Which class do you think is the best?

Putting aside species which don't actually factor in your character's ability, which of the classes do you think is best to play overall? Including pvp and pve

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Weekly Reset (10/02/18)

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Chaos Reach Glitch?

When you use the Chaos reach for the warlock, it says “press [super key bind] to deactivate Chaos Reach early and save super energy.” I tried a little experiment, if you use your Chaos Reach super, and cancel it early, you don’t keep any. You fully lose it. Am I reading this right, or is this just a glitch?

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Xur Inventory (09/28/18)

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Alright, alright, alright...

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How to Get Masterwork Cores More Easily

Do you think that it's an absolute bitch to get Masterwork Cores to upgrade your favorite gear? Well, I totally agree it's an absolute bitch. You've come to the right place because I've got you a good tutorial, that is only 3 minutes & 55 seconds long, that will help you farm for those sweet ass cores. According to the video, you need to go to the Spider, who is located in the Tangled Shore, and you need to buy enough Datalattice to cash in at Failsafe (located in Nessus). Doing this will allow you to recuperate either all or almost all of your Legendary Shards spent on the Datalattice. If you don't get any Masterworks gear, then you just breakdown the legendary gear, and then go get some more Datalattice. Rinse & repeat.

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Huginn & Muninn - The Secret Vendors of The Dreaming City

I just recently found this fact out myself. Before reading about there being secret vendors in the Dreaming City, I had no idea that they even existed. I was wondering why I was collecting so many materials, but hadn't found a use for them. According to an article from gosunoob, there are secret vendors. The vendors only accept Baryon Boughs as a form of payment for a Charge of Light Tier 2 (25 Baryon) and for a Tincture of Queensfoil (50 Baryon). Muninn sales the Charge of Light and Huginn sales the Tincture of Queensfoil. Here are the locations:
For more details, here's the article:

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Crucible quest step.

The crucible guest step from Holiday is a joke in my opinion. Worse then the grind for the Ace. Deal solar, arc and void damage in the crucible. But if you die, you lose progress and have to start over. So basically don't die! Yeah right, it's the crucible. Your gonna die.! And to take away progress like that is so ridiculous.

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Infusion costs

Infusions cost are too outrageous in my aspect of it. Honestly why would they change that?!

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HOTFIX Just Came Out & It Makes Getting Cayde-6's Gun Easier Amongst Other Fixes

Firstly, rest in peace Cayde-6 you were taken away from us at. Why you do this to us Bungie!!!! No one can replace our badass, killing, joking machine.
Now back to the hotfix lol. The hot fix spans fixing issues with heroic adventures, weapons/items, issues with the Dreaming City, and all the way to the Gambit mode. For those of you who were having issues with trying to complete the Cayde's Will quest, it's gotten easier by now allowing players to progress "by defeating either invaders or general enemies with Hand Cannons." So this is good news for those of who were getting stuck on the previous version of the quest. The rest of the fixes are as such:
Heroic Adventures:
- Fixed an issue where Barons were providing Legendary rewards outside of Heroic adventures
- Barons in Heroic adventures now reward one guaranteed Legendary per day
- Subsequent kills grant Legendary rewards at a reduced rate
- Fixed an issue where players can get stuck with the Origin Story or the Last Dance weapons if they use the character level boost after obtaining them in Homecoming
- Fixed an issue where BrayTech Legendary Scout Rifle dismantled into Mod Components
Dreaming City:
- The Offering to the Oracle now sorts to the Pursuits bucket, rather than Consumables
- Removed the weekly bounty that required players to redeem an Offering for the Oracle
- The Dreaming City weekly challenge now requires only two weekly bounty completions
- Fixed an issue where some enemies would improperly spawn chests after being killed
- Players can no longer obtain Dreaming City rewards when repeating the mission “Awakening”
- Fixed an issue where Telesto could be used to accelerate progression of objectives in the Blind Well
- Players may now progress the “Cayde’s Will” quest step by defeating either invaders or general enemies with Hand Cannons
- Turned off rejoin functionality in Gambit

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Last Wish Raid Completion the Longest Yet

After a grueling 18 hours and 48 minutes, Clan_Redeem take the title for world's first Last Wish raid completion.
Congrats! I certainly did not expect it to take this long as players tend to get better at figuring out the raid mechanics and puzzles faster each iteration. For comparison Vault of Glass took roughly 14 hours to complete and Leviathan 5.5 hours. Other raid releases were a +/- 2-3 hours from 5 hours. Almost 19 hours and Clan_Redeem, who are no strangers to world firsts, adds another notch to their belt.

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A Guide to Gambit - An Excellent Guide by YouTuber KackisHD

Before I dive into this mode, after playing the rest of the new content, I wanted to get more familiarized with this mode before actually playing it. I saw in the general sub-lounge, some of my fellow Mooters were having issues with this mode. Maybe this guide will help :). 3 of the most important things that I took from this guide are:
1) do not hoard motes (15 being the cap) and then go to the bank because if you die then you'll lose an ass ton of points. What KackisHD suggests is that you hoard no more than 10 points, but recommends going to the bank every 5 emotes to minimize loses if you die.
2) Teams shouldn't have only 1 person to be set as the only person invading the other team's map. The reason for this is the person who is doing the invading should have the most heavy & special ammo types and should be have their ultimate ready. So if one person is dedicated to only invading, then they'll end up not doing much because they want to conserve their different ammos and their ultimate. Your team needs to alternate when it comes to invading.
3) weapon composition is also important, but that's up to a player's play style. I like to have an either an auto rifle or a pulse rifle for medium to long range fighting and then a close range secondary like an SMG or a good sidearm/revolver with solid stats. My power weapon is usually a grenade launcher, shotgun, or sniper rifle. That's just me though.
The video covers a lot more than what I talked about, but I suggest giving a watch because KackisHD makes some good points!

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Who says you need heavy and a super to get army of one medal?

Should we add a gambit board?

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Man, people just suck at Gambit and don't understand the concept of the game lol. It's sad really.!

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Oh yes...

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Well Played Bungie...Well Played. You've Got Me Invested in The Forsaken DLC

First off, fuck you Uldren Sov. And that is all I'm going to say about that. I don't want spoil the rest of it. So I just started the campaign and I'm loving it. So far I've only played 2 missions. I honestly wish that the rest of Destiny 2's campaigns were like the Forsaken's campaign. Bungie definitely has me invested in the story, which was never the case with the other stories that were being told in Destiny 2.
Another thing that I hated at first, but now like is how you upgrade weapons and armour. At first I hated the fact that you had to collect more items (once you play some of the story, you'll be able to obtain those items without grinding for them) in order to upgrade weapons and armour, but now I find myself spending more time on different planets with other players getting the necessary items and just playing more public events. For some this added grind will suck, but for me I really like it now. On a side note, I still haven't played the Gambit mode, so I'll have to play some matches once I have some more time.
One thing that I still don't like is that you can't solo queue Nightfalls yet. Why do I have to resort to going on the Destiny Discord and find random people to play with? How is that any different than matching people up with other players to play with? If I can do this with Strikes, why can't I do this with Nightfalls? In fact, radins should also allow matchmaking as well. To me it doesn't matter if it makes the mission harder to complete. A lot of my friends who used to Destiny have moved on to other games (like Monster Hunter World). What Bungie could do is require people to have microphones in order to use matchmaking for Nightfalls and Raids. Bungie get on that lol.
Here's a screenshot that I took of the AI being dumb. This is extremely early on in the Forsaken campaign. He just stood there until I went to mission marker. I was like hello, you know that I can see you standing there right?🤣🤣🤣. What are you waiting for, just attack me already lol.

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My Path to the Dreaming City

My road to the Dreaming City has been pretty crazy couple of days of nonstop grinding, playing strikes, and going through the story missions. On a side note, apparently, a clan noticed me grinding my ass off lol. I got a random clan (Society Of Wumbologists) invite while I was playing, which is awesome because I've been looking for a new clan since mine died a long time ago. Back to my insane, I've been playing so much that I got a migraine lol. Yes...yes, I know that I need to take a break. I got sucked into my quest to getting to the Dreaming City.
Bungie you've legit outdone yourselves this time because the Forsaken DLC is fantastic. It's not perfect, but it's damn good. I loved every minute of going after the Barons, and dealing with their different themes. The one thing that I would've loved is that the Barons should've been a strike instead of just a normal easy mission (I flew through them), but that's just a silly nitpick. I'm kind of sad that I blew through them so easily lol. Credit is due where credit is due! On a side note, if Bungie can make Destiny 3 like the Forsaken DLC plus Destiny 3 additions then Bungie will have a winner.
I really want to go further into the story, but I don't want to ruin it for those who are taking their time. The story overall is very good, but I do have some questions about the end part of the story because it didn't explain WTF was happening. it could be that, because I never played Destiny 1 with all of its expansions that it's not making sense to me. Either way, it was a fun ride.
I look forward to playing with Y'all in the Dreaming City, and taking on its public events! See everyone there!

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New Roadmap!

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10 things to know about Destiny 2: Forsaken’s pre-patch

Destiny 2: Forsaken is only a week away. But today, Bungie released a massive patch to get the game ready for its upcoming expansion. This Forsaken pre-patch includes many of Destiny 2’s various quality of life changes, including the weapon slot changes the studio promised months ago. While no new weapons are dropping yet, players’ old weapons will be moved around, with shotguns, sniper rifles and fusion rifles headed out of the power slot.
This pre-patch adds even more to the game, with buffs to class abilities, exotics and changes to the overall direction. Players can also experience the new Gambit multiplayer mode, which will pit players against both the environment and other enemy guardians, in a free trial that begins on Sept. 1 as part of this patch. Bungie has also announced that some features, like the exotic vault, will be unavailable until Forsaken is released on Sept. 4...

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Destiny 2 is Free for Playstation Plus

"First up we have Destiny 2! As a special treat, the game is available on PS Plus today – a week early – so that you can take advantage of the 24 hour free trial of Destiny 2: Forsaken’s new hybrid PVE & PVP mode, Gambit, which starts September 1 at 10 AM PDT. That’s right, you can get Destiny 2 right now! Rally your friends in Gambit and prepare for Destiny 2: Forsaken. "

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Bungie details Destiny 2: Forsaken post-launch plans in new ViDoc


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Watch "Destiny 2: Forsaken – Launch Trailer" on YouTube


Joining a Clan

Every guardian needs a fireteam in order to fight the darkness efficiently. Thankfully there is a relatively easy way to find one if you know how.
Throughout the lifetime of Destiny, clans have been an excellent tool to find others to fight alongside. But finding one that fits you can be challenging. That's why you should know where to find them and what to expect when you do.
-----Finding Clans-----
Although there are a few other services that allow clans to recruit, Bungie's own website is gonna be your best choice.
TIP: The more effort put into a recruitment post may show how much effort the clan founder has put into their community
-----Choosing a Clan-----
Now that you've found where to find a clan to join, how do you choose the right one? Well there are a few things that you should know/do before sending in that clan request...
-Not all clans are communities-
Some clans were built simply for those who just want the ingame rewards rather than finding others to play with
-Clans have Requirements-
You are gonna want to make sure that you read the entirety of the clan's recruitment post since requirements vary from clan to clan. Such as...
-The approval process varies-
Some clan's will let you walk right through the door but others may require you to go through an approval process or trial period before joining.
-You may have to try a few different clans-
There is no way to be completely sure what a clan is like until you spend some time with it. But make sure you don't switch between too many or you may limit your options
-----Being in a clan-----
In order to make sure you get the best experience there's one important thing you will always have to do, Participate. Clans aren't simply another form of a LFG, you'll need to participate and communicate with your clanmates if you want them to have your back.
Make sure you continue to meet the clan's requirements otherwise you may get the boot!
Clans can change your Destiny 2 experience forever if you find the right one and may even keep you playing when there is no new content. I hope this guide will make it easier for you to achieve this.

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