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POPULAR Lore Sheet : Fallen

Hello there !
Welcome to Lore Sheet, a comprehensive summary covering a major piece of lore in the Destiny universe. Since it's the first of many I plan on posting, I thought I'll start by covering the first race we encoutered back in Destiny 1 : the Fallen !
The Fallen, also known as the Eliksni in their own language, are an instectoid alien species that came to the Solar System in pursuit of the Traveler.
Once a noble race, their are now reduced to scavenging and raiding for their survival after losing their homeworld.
The Fallen are organized into Houses. A House is a faction in itself, with its own leadership and goals.
A House is led though a triumvirat, comprised of a Kell, an Archon and a Prime Servitor.
- The Kell is the leader of the House. He rules the Fallen under his banner, but also the flow of Ether in the House.
- The Ether is produced by the Prime Servitor, which is why it is revered as a god by the Fallen.
- The Archon is the high priest of the House, and also a field commander as well as a cheif engineer. He is the link between the Kell and the Prime Servitor.
The stability of a House depends on the three leaders being present. Without a Kell, the House is vulnerable to infighting. Without an Archon, the Prime Servitor is vulnerable to attacks. Without a Prime Servitor, A House isn't able to produce new minor Servitor to distribute the Ether.
In Destiny 1, we encoutered several Houses, each with different motives :
- House of Devils
Cloaked in red, the Devils were located in the Old Cosmodrome on Earth. Guardians share a particularly bloody history with this House, since their were a war with us to regain control of the Traveler.
- House of Kings
Cloaked in gold, the Kings were also located in the Old Cosmodrome on Earth. This House was the most secretive of all, but their goal was also to reclaim the Traveler. Sly and cunning, the Kings used the other Houses like the House of Devils as proxys to reach their goals.
- House of Winter
Cloaked in pale blue, the House of Winter were located on Venus. The interest of this House lied in discovering the secrets of our Golden Age, by trying to break into the Ishtar Archives.
- House of Wolves
Cloaked in blue, the House of Wolves is a very interesting one. After their Kell was killed in battle against the Awoken, a power struggled raged on within the House. Eventually, Skolas rose to Kellship, and waged war on the Awoken during the Reef Wars. He got betrayed by Variks, of House of Judgment, which ended up in him being captured and his House sudbued by Mara Sov, the Queen of the Reef.
During the events of the second DLC of Destiny 1, the Wolves rebelled and joined Skolas, who proclamed himslef Kell of Kells. The rebellion was crushed by the Guardians of the Last City, and Skolas ended up in the Prison of Elders.
- House of Exile
Cloaked in green, The House of Exile was encountered on the Moon. This House follows no Kell, and is comprised of renegade Fallen shuned by their former Houses. The fact that this House follows no leader makes them abnormal in the eyes of the other Fallen
- House of Judgment
Also cloaked in green, this House is only represented by Variks, our Fallen ally and the warden of the Prison of Elder. This House is one of the oldest House to have ever existed, and was tasked with keeping peace between the Fallen Houses.
The interest of Variks is to preserve the Eliksni race by all means necessary.
In Destiny 2, all those houses do not exist anymore. The Fallen threw down their banners and merged into one signle House, House of Dusk, in order to survive.
As space pirates, The Fallen are structured into crews. A crew is composed of Dregs and Vandals, and is led by a Captain.
The Captain commands his crew by brute force, as a sign of weakness will end up with a knife in the back. Usually, most Captains swear fielty to a House, but some can operate independently, for example as mercenaries. Captains can sometimes become Barons, and lead not only their crew, but a flotilla.
Vandals serves as skilled combattants and workers. They aspire to become Captain and command their own crew.
Dregs are the lowest class of Fallen. They only have two arms, the other two being severed as an humiliation and to assure their obedience. If they managed to survive, they can become Vandals and regrow their arms.
Servitors are vital to the crew, as they provide the Ether that will sustain its members.
The Fallen history has been marked by numerous major events :
- Golden Age
The Fallen, just like us, were blessed by the Traveler. Thus, they had a Golden Age of their own on their homeworld. They revered the Traveler as a God, and called it "The Great Machine".
- The Edge Wars
During the Golden Age, the Houses engaged in infightings known as the Edge Wars. This conflict was stopped by Craaks, Kell of Kings, and the House of Judgment. Even though peace was made, it was a tedious peace, and the Houses never had good relations with each other in the first place.
- The Whirlwind
Eventually, the Traveler fled and left the Fallen. What followed is thought to be the arrival of the Darkness. The Fallen were decimated, their homeworld and their nobility lost. This event is known as the Whirlwind, similar to the Collapse of humanity, and marks the start of their pirate life.
- Departure
The survivors of the Whirlwind decided to chase the Traveler in order to regain its favors. This led them to our Solar System, shortly after the Collapse of Humanity. This is where they encoutered us, and started to terrorize humans. Clashes with early guardians became frequent, and ended up in the Eliksni siege of the Last City on Earth.
- Battle of Six Fronts
This battle opposed the House of Devils against the Guardians of the last City. The Devils stage a coordinated attack on six fronts, all of which were held by only four orders of Titans. Guardians such as Zavala, Saint-14, the Iron Lords and Osiris became legends during the battle, and the Devils were beaten without a single front falling.
- Battle of Twilight Gap
The Guardians had to face three Houses during this legendary battle. Craaks, Kell of Kings, manipulated the Houses of Devils, Winter and Wolves into attacking the City as a united force, but the Wolves were beaten while en route to Earth by the Reef.
The House of Devils, Kings and Winter fought against the Guardians, who barely managed to push them back, partly thanks to Lord Shaxx who led the counter attack against orders.
- Reef Wars
The House of Wolves, stopped in their attempt to join the Battle of Twilight Gap, engaged in a conflict with the Awoken of the Reef. This conflict ended with their defeat, and Mara Sov as their new Kell.
- Our Guardian's efforts in Destiny 1 Vanilla
Our guardian did a number on the Fallen ranks. We crippled the Devils' leadership by taking down their Archon, Riksis, and their Prime Servitor, Sepiks.
We severed the head of House Winter by personnaly killing the Kell of Winter, Draksis, as well as their Archon Priest, Aksor.
- Wolves Rebellion
The House of Wolves rebelled against the Reef to join Skolas, who proclamed himslef Kell of Kell following and ancient Fallen prophecy. However, Our guardian crushed the rebellion and helped the Awoken of the Reef to capture Skolas in the process.
- The Taken War
During the war against Oryx, the Fallen suffered numerous losses due to Fallen leaders being Taken.
- SIVA Crisis
After the end of the Taken War, the Devils discovered SIVA, a Golden Age technology initially designed to help humanity colonize the stars, turned into a weapon and controlled by Rasputin at some point until the Iron Lords sealed it, not without tremendous losses in their ranks.
The Devils modified themselves with SIVA thanks to their Splicer Sect, and broke free of their need of Ether. Our Guardian, along with Lord Saladin, destroyed the SIVA Replication Chamber and destroyed the Splicer Devils leadership, comprised of Sepiks Resurected (with SIVA), Vosik the Archpriest, and Aksis, Archon Prime.
- End of the Houses
Losses after losses, the Fallen Houses abandoned all their territory and merged into one single House, House of Dusk. This was made possible by the action of Craask, Kell of Kings, who refused to see the Fallen become extinct. He made a deal with Uldren Sov, as the other House would listen to the Awoken Prince. Craaks was mutilated afterwards by Fikrul the Fanatic, as the Fallen were not essential to Uldren's plans anymore.
- Variks, Kell of Judgment
Variks witnessed the downfall of his race, but at the end only him remembered the old ways of the Eliksni, as all the other Fallen who did were dead.
During the event of Forsaken, he caused the prison break, and vanished after leaving a message in High Speech, hoping that the Fallen would answer the call of House Judgment, one of the fore Houses and last keeper of the Eliksni ways.
He also proclamed himslef Kell of Judgment, envoy of the Eliksni to preserve his race.
The Fallen don't have alliances with the other races.
They have battled th Hive and the Vex over technology and territory, but have stayed clear from the Cabal until the Red War.
They obvioulsy hate humanity because we were gifted by the Traveler as welln while they were abandonned by it.
The Fallen have suffered catastrophic losses at the hands of their numerous ennemies, but especially at the hands of the Guardians and the Awoken. Even though they regrouped into the House of Dusk, they got fooled by Uldren and have to face the Scorn as a new ennemy.
Besides, not a lot of Fallen remember the old ways of the Eliksni, and one of Variks' fears is that they disapear completely.
- Even though the Fallen have lost their nobility as a race, it is still a notion that is present in their rank. For example, a Fallen having two of his arms severed will become a Dreg, which is a dishonor in itself.
- The stature and size of the Fallen depends on their Ether intake. The less Ether a Fallen takes, the weaker he will be.
- Houses other than the ones that were covered here existed prior to the withdrawal of the Houses. Some examples are House of Rain, destroyed in the Whirlwind, House of Scar, destroyed by House of Winter, and House of Stone, which battled the Taken and were possibly Taken themselves.
- Variks is secretely the Darkness itself. In Destiny 3, he will come for all of us, yelling "SYLOK THE DEFILED" over and over.

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Finally made it!

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Hey everyone!
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Simply sign into your Battle.net launcher on PC, and claim your gift through your "Gifts" button in the top-right. It's as easy as that!
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Amanda Holiday Get Your Shit Together and Decrypt Those Journal Pages

My god, could you take any longer to decrypt those pages. I'd like to be on my way to getting that sweet ass machine gun known as the Thunder Lord from Destiny 1. I didn't waste my time killing hordes of enemies to track down 10 pages pages. What's going on here? I thought that you have a vast network to decrypt the pages? I demand answers!!! Give me the next step!!!!!!

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Can't stand Destiny servers! I'm tired of getting booted out of a Gambit match, and them saying it's my connection and all this other bs. Um, yeah I don't think so!

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How to get the Thunderlord Exotic machine gun

How to start the Thunderlord quest

To begin your quest, simply visit shipwright Amanda Holliday in the Tower. She'll give you an Exotic quest item called the Journal of the Reef Cryptarch which you must use to investigate the murder of Master Ives, the late Cryptarch of - you guessed it - the Reef.

Step one: acquire journal pages

Once you have the journal, you'll need to fill it with pages. These can be acquired by decrypting Legendary or Exotic engrams, or defeating Fallen majors and ultras in the European Dead Zone. Unless you've been hoarding Exotic engrams - or you want to splurge on engrams at the Cryptarch in the Tower - killing challenging Fallen is your best bet, so head to the EDZ and look for the Glimmer Mining Crew public event. It tends to appear in Trostland, The Sludge and near Firebase Hades. This event is absolutely stuffed with Fallen majors - so much so that you can fill the journal after a single wave of enemies if you get lucky. Plus you'll get a powerful gear drop when you get your last page.

Step two: wait

Unfortunately, you’re just going to have to wait for the next step because all we can currently do is just wait until the journal is decrypted. As of right now, we don’t know how long that’s going to take.

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Destiny 2 is getting some welcomed fixes this upcoming patch

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The point!!

The point of Gambit is to kill adds, kill enemy guardians, get motes, bank motes, summon primeval, and kill that SOB before the opposing team does! Not run around and play grab a**!!!

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Destiny 3 Apparently in the Works

The rumor mill has started to churn with the hints from a relatively trusted leaker that Destiny 3 is in development. The rumors hint at a true MMORPG experience, and what I assume would be a departure from the seemless instanced world we have now. What Bungie means by "hardcore" I'm not sure if this means borrowing more gameplay aspects from traditional MMOs or more focus on PvP and grinding.
Everything seems to be falling in the same timeline with Destiny to Destiny 2. If Bungie has a 10 year plan for Destiny then should this suggest we will see Destiny 4 or 5 by the end of this estimate? I guess if each big number successor makes significant and meaningful changes I'm all for it. Though it is worrying because Destiny 3 still has the chance of moving 1 step forward and 3 steps back. I'm fairly optimistic otherwise and hope AnonTheNine keeps up with the leaks.
How do you feel about hearing about Destiny 3 already?

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Recommend power.

Whatever Bungie has listed as the recommended power. Don't listen to it, it's a lie lol you literally need to be 10-20 extra power level to even do the recommended power level quests or whatever.

So if it says recommend power 580, and you are anywhere between 585-590. Guess what? Your still not strong enough to do it unfortunately lol. What it means is 580 = 600, unless your with a fire team that is at 600 light power and your 585 or whatever. Then your good to go. Or if your one hell of a OP player then your all good there to lol.

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Make A New Vendor In The Tower To Change Your Character Appearance.


Change your characters appearance after you saved. (Race,Gender,FacialFeatures) get this on Reddit!


Purification ritual

When is the purification ritual ( the shattered throne room ) active? And what light power do you have to be?

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Helped the old man out

After Destiny being out for over a year, my dad you has never been able to complete the leviathan raid has finally finished due to me helping stay in while he was afk. My work here is done.

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Festival of the Lost


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The Sleeper Needs to be Debuffed or There Needs to be Better Counters Against it

My god am I starting to get sick of the Sleeper. Its ability to kill in one hit is insane. Once in awhile, I get lucky and survive a Sleeper encounter. The best way to counter a sleeper is by fighting it from far away. I can't wait for the new weapon types to come to Destiny (like heavy machine guns for example).

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Just Don't!

I've said it once and I'll say it again. If you don't know the concept of Gambit or even know how to play in general. Then do the rest of us that know what we're doing, know how to play and get the concept of Gambit. DON'T F'ING PLAY!! DON'T F'ING JOIN!!

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This Week At Bungie - 10.4.18

“This week at Bungie, Guardians gave chase to the goals that meant the most to each of them.

Be it Power, Triumphs, Exotics, or quests, there was an aim to achieve. Ever since Cayde-6 met his doom in the depths of the Prison of Elders, we’ve shared a journey through the discoveries in Forsaken. Week after the week, the community conversation has been dominated by the revelation of new secrets and challenges. Some of you have lamented the fact that’s it’s been hard to keep up, but all of these things still await you.

Now is a good time for each Guardian to take stock of what they’ve accomplished, what fights are next on their dance card, or what they’d most like to add to their Collections. We’ve asked the question about Triumphs, god rolls, gear sets, and even titles. There is still a lot to accomplish in Forsaken—plenty left to earn and learn. You might have to speed right past some of these accolades or rewards in your rush to become raid ready.

We have some more tricks up our sleeves to keep your Guardian lifestyle rich and exciting, and those conversations will begin soon. In the meantime, there are still some questions we’d like to answer about how the day-to-day experience will be changing with the next round of updates.

Let’s dig in and set some expectations. ...”

The full TWAB continues here: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47303

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Dreaming City Collectibles/ Site

Image and a wonderful website I came across lastnite


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Fresh or Nostalgic?

Bungie has done a pretty bang up job on the Forsaken expansion. Word around the tower is that we might be seeing some more familiar weapons made famous in D1. What do you think of this? Would you rather see new exotics made going forward or returns of first gen exotics?
Lots of new exotics really nail the epic factor Destiny is working to fully harness. So new might be the best option for them. Though I really want to see one of my favorite guns from D1 "The Last Word," in D2. I setup shrines and sacrificed many a things wishing for Xur to offer it. The wait was brutal, but I was so excited when I finally saw it in rotation.

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What Destiny Could've Been

I love reading about how stories could've turned out if a writer hadn't left or if the story hadn't gone through another round of rewriting. When I get the opportunity to read about story leaks & leaks about beta builds of a game, I'm there lol. On a side note, if you're into reading about beta versions of games or about unreleased games then you'll enjoy the website unseen64.net.
Going back to my post, Destiny went through some pretty crazy changes prior to it coming out in the shape and form that we've come to know it. The biggest change or the most interesting change came in the form of the nature of the Traveler. In the released version of the game, the Traveler is a source of guidance, light, and life. The original version is a whole other story...
Here's where the unreleased version of the game gets good, the Traveler is not some benevolent being/source of energy. From what has been leaked, the Traveler is, in fact, a malevolent being. It's the source of the destruction of humanity and is also attracting all of the evil forces that the brave Guardians are fighting. There's an interesting twist, the Traveler is still the force behind resurrecting people and turning them into Guardians. Unfortunately, we don't know much more about the original version of the story/lore besides some of the leaks and through the Grimoire which hints at the previous version of the story/lore.
I honestly believe that Destiny would've been leagues better if the original story was kept in place. Imagine fighting against the Traveler. Shit that would be insane to take it on. The Traveler is a god-like being in the truest sense because it can do almost anything (from what I can remember).
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Which class do you think is the best?

Putting aside species which don't actually factor in your character's ability, which of the classes do you think is best to play overall? Including pvp and pve

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Weekly Reset (10/02/18)

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Chaos Reach Glitch?

When you use the Chaos reach for the warlock, it says “press [super key bind] to deactivate Chaos Reach early and save super energy.” I tried a little experiment, if you use your Chaos Reach super, and cancel it early, you don’t keep any. You fully lose it. Am I reading this right, or is this just a glitch?

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Xur Inventory (09/28/18)

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Alright, alright, alright...

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How to Get Masterwork Cores More Easily

Do you think that it's an absolute bitch to get Masterwork Cores to upgrade your favorite gear? Well, I totally agree it's an absolute bitch. You've come to the right place because I've got you a good tutorial, that is only 3 minutes & 55 seconds long, that will help you farm for those sweet ass cores. According to the video, you need to go to the Spider, who is located in the Tangled Shore, and you need to buy enough Datalattice to cash in at Failsafe (located in Nessus). Doing this will allow you to recuperate either all or almost all of your Legendary Shards spent on the Datalattice. If you don't get any Masterworks gear, then you just breakdown the legendary gear, and then go get some more Datalattice. Rinse & repeat.

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Huginn & Muninn - The Secret Vendors of The Dreaming City

I just recently found this fact out myself. Before reading about there being secret vendors in the Dreaming City, I had no idea that they even existed. I was wondering why I was collecting so many materials, but hadn't found a use for them. According to an article from gosunoob, there are secret vendors. The vendors only accept Baryon Boughs as a form of payment for a Charge of Light Tier 2 (25 Baryon) and for a Tincture of Queensfoil (50 Baryon). Muninn sales the Charge of Light and Huginn sales the Tincture of Queensfoil. Here are the locations:
For more details, here's the article:

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Crucible quest step.

The crucible guest step from Holiday is a joke in my opinion. Worse then the grind for the Ace. Deal solar, arc and void damage in the crucible. But if you die, you lose progress and have to start over. So basically don't die! Yeah right, it's the crucible. Your gonna die.! And to take away progress like that is so ridiculous.

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