Destiny 2 Lounge Guidelines!

Welcome, Guardians!
This Lounge is where our community can band together to discuss and share our love for Destiny 2.
As all Lounges across Moot do, this Lounge expects that all participants adhere to our Content Policy: https://moot.us/etc/contentPolicy
1. Post things in the correct board
Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy. Just post the right stuff in the right board.
FEATURED will self-populate based on post popularity, unless a moderator decides to Feature a post because it's great.
GENERAL is for anything unrelated to the other boards, as long as it's still related to Destiny.
CRUCIBLE is for PvP shenanigans.
GUIDE is where the Sherpas come to gather and help eachother out!
LOOKING FOR TEAMMATES is for finding other Guardians to band together with.
Q&A is for any other questions you may have about Destiny!
2. Be friendly, show respect and care to all of our members.
Be friendly to all users, including new players, other members of moot, the moderators, and so on. There will be absolutely zero tolerance for flaming, witch hunting (name-shaming, doxxing), racism, sexism, intolerable language and use of extreme vulgarity.
5. Keep all discussions about Destiny 2.
Another simple rule. Any content not directly relating to Destiny 2 will be moved to the Off Topic board.
6. No nudity or sexually explicit content.
More simple rules. Keep it classy in here. No sexually explicit or vulgar content.
Finally, if you find other users breaking any of the aforementioned rules, report them!
Thanks, and have fun!