How to complete the Leviathan Raid Castellum (first encounter)

So the first encounter of the raid is a fairly simple one, but does require some solid teamwork and a little bit of communication. The first thing you'll see when entering is a giant open courtyard, with 4 big doors located in different areas throughout the courtyard. In front of all 4 of these doors, you'll see a "plate" with a dog, axes, cup, or sun symbol. All of these plates are going to be key points of interest, so have everyone find them together and remember where they are. You're going to want to split into teams of 3 of this, one team attacking and another defending. Decide the teams once you find all these doors.
Picture of the "plate" in the center of your screen with the holographic symbol, with the door being in the middle right of your screen;
Attacking Team:
One of the 4 doors will be opening up, releasing a bunch of ads(another term for enemies). On the defending team's plate, one symbol will be lit up. This is the door that will be opening up. All your team needs to do is kill all the ads, which will spawn a "Standard Bearer". Use your supers and Power ammo to kill him as quickly as possible. Killing the standard bearer will drop a "Standard", which will spawn on the plate next to him. Pick it up, and run back to the defending team's plate with it, and "slam" it. This is how you progress the encounter. Once you've done this part once, the next plate you need to go to will be shown to you by the defending plate's hologram. Repeat this process 3 times, and the defending team's door will open, allowing you to access the next encounter.
Picture of the standard(the staff to the center-left) and the standard liberator back-center;
Picture of the standard bearer;
Defending Team:
On top of the platform you're supposed to be defending, you will see a floating hologram with one of the 4 symbols listed above. That symbol corresponds with the door the attacking team needs to go to. The defending team will call out this symbol.
For the most part, the defending is pretty straight forward. a bunch of enemies will spawn and try to move towards the plate. Kill them as quickly as possible. There will be orange health "standard liberators" that spawn who will try to take your standards off of the plate. There will also be Councilors that spawn near the defending plate, which are identified easily by their "floating psion in a bubble shield" appearance. These need to be killed as quickly as possible as they will make the standard liberators invulnerable. There will be an onscreen prompt as well as an audio indicator when these psions spawn, so make sure you're paying attention as they will likely be the only reason you lose a standard. Losing a standard will not wipe you, but will reset one standard at a time.
Picture of the Councilor;
Ideal subclasses/weapon setups for this encounter:
Hunters: Golden Gun is ideal for offense, Nightstalker and Arcstrider both for defense.
Warlocks: Stormlock and Dawnblade are ideal for defense, and Voidwalker is ideal for offense.
Titans: striker is ideal for offense, while hammers and sentinel are ideal for defense.
Weapon setups: Any weapons with explosive rounds shine in PVE, therefore sunshot, better devils, Manannan, and nameless midnight are your go-to's for almost every encounter. for your Power slot, go with any rocket with cluster bombs. Otherwise, use a fusion or shotgun for quick dispatching of the stronger enemies.
And that's pretty much it! it might take a few tries to get it down, but all in all it's fairly simple encounter. Good luck :)

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POPULAR Why most streamers are leaving D2 PvP.

I want to give the perspective from someone that can do well in Destiny 2 PvP. Bungie says they want to make this more exciting to watch on twitch and make it enjoyable for the casual crowd. I get it, they want to make the most money possible but when top streamers on twitch are actively avoiding Destiny 2, there is something wrong. My mindset on why its changing and more players are not doing single carries or double carries (the exception with Kraftyy) is because there aren’t many exciting moments in the crucible. Yes, there are supers and power ammo but those are the only moments you can make plays for your team and feel invincible because well….you are. Your ability to one-shot players with rockets or shotguns or snipers makes it easier for you to “carry”. Only problem is only two people are able to get heavy in most game modes and survival mode is the exception with one heavy spawn.
However, do you know what is exciting to watch from a player’s perspective? Being able to juggle two different enemies at once or even three enemies. How do we do that? For starters, we can make time to kill faster. This will reward players with 1) good aim, 2) map awareness, 3) good positioning to get secure kills and dominate the match. Sure, the occasional hyper-aggressive teams who notice a 2v1 situation would secure the kill but it would at least allow the solo/lone wolf to be effective when he understands angles, makes the correct choice and gets a good flank on a team that isn’t looking the players way.
For example players like Luminosity, Kraftyy, Anbu, MadeInAmerica, SirDemetrious, or really any high level D1 players and how they move, their aim, and positioning. These should be rewarded and was mostly why we enjoyed watching D1 for three years. I am okay with all OHK weapons being in the power slot. But with very underwhelming Kinetic and Energy weapons, it doesn’t make for a fun experience when playing against four very good players in trials versus your team with one or two players that are not at the same level. This will force players to continue stacking their teams to get flawless. Doing flawless carries are much harder when you are constantly facing a 3v4 situation and players will get frustrated in attempting to do carries. Without moments for very good players to shine, this will dilute the pool of players willing to continue playing trials week in and week out.
The frustration is not worth the time where it disrespects players who have put in a lot of time in the crucible to cater to players who will not support the overall brand. Bring back the elements that made D1 PvP great. Faster TTK, better mobility, and in-air accuracy are just some of the things they could do to make D2 more enjoyable to play and watch.
What would make D2 PvP enjoyable enough for you to watch?

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