What Destiny Could've Been

I love reading about how stories could've turned out if a writer hadn't left or if the story hadn't gone through another round of rewriting. When I get the opportunity to read about story leaks & leaks about beta builds of a game, I'm there lol. On a side note, if you're into reading about beta versions of games or about unreleased games then you'll enjoy the website unseen64.net.
Going back to my post, Destiny went through some pretty crazy changes prior to it coming out in the shape and form that we've come to know it. The biggest change or the most interesting change came in the form of the nature of the Traveler. In the released version of the game, the Traveler is a source of guidance, light, and life. The original version is a whole other story...
Here's where the unreleased version of the game gets good, the Traveler is not some benevolent being/source of energy. From what has been leaked, the Traveler is, in fact, a malevolent being. It's the source of the destruction of humanity and is also attracting all of the evil forces that the brave Guardians are fighting. There's an interesting twist, the Traveler is still the force behind resurrecting people and turning them into Guardians. Unfortunately, we don't know much more about the original version of the story/lore besides some of the leaks and through the Grimoire which hints at the previous version of the story/lore.
I honestly believe that Destiny would've been leagues better if the original story was kept in place. Imagine fighting against the Traveler. Shit that would be insane to take it on. The Traveler is a god-like being in the truest sense because it can do almost anything (from what I can remember).
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HOTFIX Just Came Out & It Makes Getting Cayde-6's Gun Easier Amongst Other Fixes

Firstly, rest in peace Cayde-6 you were taken away from us at. Why you do this to us Bungie!!!! No one can replace our badass, killing, joking machine.
Now back to the hotfix lol. The hot fix spans fixing issues with heroic adventures, weapons/items, issues with the Dreaming City, and all the way to the Gambit mode. For those of you who were having issues with trying to complete the Cayde's Will quest, it's gotten easier by now allowing players to progress "by defeating either invaders or general enemies with Hand Cannons." So this is good news for those of who were getting stuck on the previous version of the quest. The rest of the fixes are as such:
Heroic Adventures:
- Fixed an issue where Barons were providing Legendary rewards outside of Heroic adventures
- Barons in Heroic adventures now reward one guaranteed Legendary per day
- Subsequent kills grant Legendary rewards at a reduced rate
- Fixed an issue where players can get stuck with the Origin Story or the Last Dance weapons if they use the character level boost after obtaining them in Homecoming
- Fixed an issue where BrayTech Legendary Scout Rifle dismantled into Mod Components
Dreaming City:
- The Offering to the Oracle now sorts to the Pursuits bucket, rather than Consumables
- Removed the weekly bounty that required players to redeem an Offering for the Oracle
- The Dreaming City weekly challenge now requires only two weekly bounty completions
- Fixed an issue where some enemies would improperly spawn chests after being killed
- Players can no longer obtain Dreaming City rewards when repeating the mission “Awakening”
- Fixed an issue where Telesto could be used to accelerate progression of objectives in the Blind Well
- Players may now progress the “Cayde’s Will” quest step by defeating either invaders or general enemies with Hand Cannons
- Turned off rejoin functionality in Gambit

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A Guide to Gambit - An Excellent Guide by YouTuber KackisHD

Before I dive into this mode, after playing the rest of the new content, I wanted to get more familiarized with this mode before actually playing it. I saw in the general sub-lounge, some of my fellow Mooters were having issues with this mode. Maybe this guide will help :). 3 of the most important things that I took from this guide are:
1) do not hoard motes (15 being the cap) and then go to the bank because if you die then you'll lose an ass ton of points. What KackisHD suggests is that you hoard no more than 10 points, but recommends going to the bank every 5 emotes to minimize loses if you die.
2) Teams shouldn't have only 1 person to be set as the only person invading the other team's map. The reason for this is the person who is doing the invading should have the most heavy & special ammo types and should be have their ultimate ready. So if one person is dedicated to only invading, then they'll end up not doing much because they want to conserve their different ammos and their ultimate. Your team needs to alternate when it comes to invading.
3) weapon composition is also important, but that's up to a player's play style. I like to have an either an auto rifle or a pulse rifle for medium to long range fighting and then a close range secondary like an SMG or a good sidearm/revolver with solid stats. My power weapon is usually a grenade launcher, shotgun, or sniper rifle. That's just me though.
The video covers a lot more than what I talked about, but I suggest giving a watch because KackisHD makes some good points!

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