No Man's Sky Aug 2016
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Loved this game but haven’t played it much since some of the newer updates


I love No Man's Sky I've been playing everyday for hours I started a New Game though because I got some pretty bad systems. But that's okay still my #1 favorite game.


The best space exploration game out there, period. The last few updates make the game fun to play by yourself and even more so with a friend!

Kepler 23d

I'm hooked

MxT333 MxT333 1mo

Ridiculously fun game, recently got back into it and it's more amazing than I remembered it being.

Frizz Frizz 2mo

I really enjoyed playing this game a while back, many were disappointed with it upon release but it has really improved and become an enjoyable game with interesting features and ideas

Elfi Elfi 2mo

Really good game and story, definitely worth it


gets confusing at times

Jxshy Jxshy 2mo

ABSOLUTLY LOVE THE ARTIMIS STORYLINE Iove it but like the other dude said it is easy to get sidetracked but all in all the game is great but I don't know if this is intentional but I helped defend a freighter and I got it for free and it came with a frigate and the frigate gives me left over fuel cells and if get your freighter close to a space stations you can sell your frigate "leftover" fuel cells and sell them over and over again and get millions


at first the game was pretty plain and boring, but the last few updates have made the game substantially better


I managed to not experience the broken mess, but got a fleet of friends together and used freighters to abuse missions and get millions. Story is VERY depressing and goes on forever, just shoot as many robots as you can and see how long you can survive: Grand Theft Sky

Banquo Banquo 3mo

A great game for scavenging, exploration and surviving desolate planets. When it originally came out it definitely did not live up to the hype, but apparently recent updates are changing a good few people’s perspective. Might be a game to check out, however, buy it on a sale before hand.


Apparently it got huge updates but it was originally too repetitive


Really makes you wonder if your going to survive the next second really good for people who like survival games and scavenging.


love the exploration,