Journey to the Savage Planet Jan 2020
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Avg. 3.3(262)

Played through Game Pass and it's a funny game to play with a friend. I made some good memories over kicking pufferbirds with my friend and evil laughter over slaughtering them to the plant grinders.


Fun with a friend has good quality and a cool story line and it’s not easy to get bored with like a show I just want to binge watch 24/7

Vekds Vekds 18d

Really fun game that has things that everyone will find funny and amusing.


Free game on game pass, the boss are not very difficult. A good solo game. the DLC is good but short. Écho is so funny.


It was free on game pass for me so I tried it out, and it's really fun, I still haven't tried multiplayer though


Free on Game Pass it’s a really good game to play if you’re bored in lockdown


I honestly like watching gameplay of it and want to play it so badly but will be scared at the same time due to the weird creatures that come at you


Recently bought this game, the multiplayer isn’t the best as it is quite laggy but playing single player is great, I honestly don’t like metroidvanias too well but I do like this one as it gives you plenty to do. Would recommend to anyone looking for a funny single player game.

Flapjak Flapjak 3mo