Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Nov 2015
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Avg. 3.5(182)

wish kojima couldve taken his time with it and finished it but still good game

Wavess Wavess 6d

its fun and challenging. and multiplayer isn't that bad either

Mr_fich Mr_fich 1mo

This game is cool best stealth game i ever played, all the sneaking, but was is also cool is that you can go in guns blazing too, graphics are amazing, the story was confused a little tho


This game is amazing and the detail is beautiful to see. However Kojima never got to finish the game and it rotted around the ending, this game is a must play for stealth and tactical players who will certainly love this new style of game!

Banquo Banquo 3mo

Despite itself, "The Phantom Pain" is a defining entry in the franchise; amazing graphics & gameplay, intriguing (though convoluted) story made for an enjoyable gaming experience. The repetitive missions, I think, betray the fact that Kojima never "finished" the game The way he intended. I've always loved the idea of building your private army within the game. And that, in part, kept me engaged throughout those repetitious missions.


I came here brand new which ik wasnt a good idea but altho i didnt know wtf was going on the game was enjoyable until it got repetitive, which rll didnt take long.


fun game, nice graphics, but gameplay gets quite repetitive.


Very great game, amazing graphics, would recommend if you're into the series even though the story in this game is a bit eh