Assassin's Creed Unity Nov 2014
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I love this game personally because I got it very recently (after the bug fixes), and I must say that this game is nearing perfection with its amazing parkour, ahead-of-its-time graphics, co-op, and the customization is on point. The main thing holding this game down is its protagonist. Arno shows a lot of emotion near the beginning of the game, but it slowly becomes clearer that all they were trying to do was copy Ezio’s story. On top of that, Arno is obsessed with Elise. No me gusta.


Good game


Good game


5* because it says ass twice and the gameplay pretty good

Flexi Flexi 2mo

This game started out as a mess with all the bugs, but this game has the best customization and parkour of any Assassins Creed game. And plus, who doesn’t wanna be able to play with their friends in an AC game! Now, a lot of the bugs have been ironed out and this is a fantastic game in my opinion. Lots of content, customization, and fun to be had with friends!

Subpar Subpar 2mo

This is honestly one of the worst assassins creeds in my opinion. I liked the advanced customizations the game allowed for your character and the interesting story but bugs have completely ruined the game.