BioShock 2 Feb 2010
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Avg. 3.7(100)

I played this game through so many times that I memorized the item placements. its a great game with a great story line, it has that old time arcade style graphics like a claymation film, the cutscenes are amazing, its one of those RPGs that gives you a lot of control over the story. I loved the whole series but Bioshock 2 was by far my favorite and I have to say right now..... Fuck the Big Sisters, they wrecked me so many times it's unreal


BioShock 2 is one of those sequels that somehow stayed very true to the universe while also telling a very different story. Some of the BioShock fan community absolute despise BioShock 2, but I honestly think it’s underrated. It may not have been a game developed by Irrational, but it was well worth playing.