Fallout: New Vegas Oct 2010
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Fantastic game, one of my all time favorite Post-Apocalyptic game

Mr Asian Mr Asian 9d

this game all around has to be my favorite fallout game of all time. the story was great, the gameplay was great, making your own bullets and being able to aim down sights was an amazing addition at the time, and all of the dlcs were riddle with lore. in all honesty, i feel like the dlcs are the best part about the game. to this day they’re still my favorite of any fallout, and even any other game in general


very nice game, complicated storyline, interesting characters but overall, great game.


Can’t really give it a score as I haven’t even started playing it an I really need to die to someone spending their hard earned cash on it. But from what I’ve seen it’s an good game, a lot different from Fallout 4.