Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Oct 2013
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it's a lot more pirate driven. you don't feel like an assassin but it does have an interesting story and game play


Not the best of stories in the series but its huge open world map and naval combat make it a terrific gameplay experience.

Vacroff Vacroff 4d

This game is probably one of the best games for it's time let's be honest the ships are amazing and the stealth perfect game in general probably one of the best assassin creeds


This is probably my favorite Assassins Creed. The naval combat is so good in this game, it’s better than any game I’ve ever seen with a focus on ocean combat. Many people have complained that it’s a great pirate game and not a great assassin game but I disagree, the developers perfectly combined the two to make an awesome assassin pirate killing game. The map is insanely large with so many places and islands to explore and things to do. The story is so fun and different from other ac games.


@Shadow_2xTTV I agree exactly, and the fact that they had the forts that you could fight on your ship which I haven’t seen in any other assassins creed.


my favorite ac game and one of my favorite games by far


Have bought this game in to many different platforms. The literal best sea warfare there is it there and the story on top of that is incredible


One of my Favorite games having 500+ hours in it