Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Aug 2017
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Great addition to the series, absolutely loved it. Multiplayer was also pretty fun.

Sabsies Sabsies 2mo

I really couldn't get in to it but where's Nathan drake,?????


@EPICRAGE247 It was to highlight what Chloe was up to...


This was another way to indulge my "Uncharted" fix; And it did not disappoint. Ross & Frazer kick @$$ in this well-told follow-up to "A Thief's End". Being a life-long fan of the "Tomb Raider" franchise, this series managed to capture the "realism" of playing like Indiana Jones (The characters' jump capabilities, however, weren't going to win them any slam dunk contests)! Only two problems, however: 1. It seemed too short, and 2. I wish we could have played as Nadine Ross for a while. Note to Naughty Dog Games: Nadine Ross needs HER own title to close out this epic franchise ( anybody else hoping to see these characters in the movie adaptation?)!