The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt May 2015
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Avg. 4.0(259)

Literally greatest game of all time nothing will ever beat it imo

Wavess Wavess 3mo

I love this game it feels different than other open world RPG games and I didnt quite know why but after playing it for multiple hours I realised why. The side missions and witcher contracts are found everywhere but despite this they are never boring and usually are quite rewarding, characters are also amazing and I love the way how you can understand the reasoning behind characters morals which I love. Words can't describe how much this game is amazing music 5/5 gameplay 5/5 monsters 6/5


Hands down, the best game ever to be on PlayStation right next to god of war! This game has everything!! Story telling is great, controls are amazing, graphic is on a next level, dlc are very interesting overall an amazing game!


This game has been crafted to perfection. Compared to the cash-grabs of EA and loot box games. This game is perfection, detailed, and the pace is set perfectly alongside humour and character development. A pleasure to play.

Banquo Banquo 5mo

Best fookin game ever

Dulkros Dulkros 5mo